Official Leaks: Xiaomi Watch Color Full Specs; 1540 watch options to choose from!

Tomorrow will be the official launch of the Xiaomi Watch Color. Thanks to the Pre-order page on Xioami’s official siteXioami’s official site as well as the Youpin StoreYoupin Store, we now have the complete specs and features of the Xiaomi Watch Color forom the official source itself.

Specifications of Xiaomi Watch Color

Here is a sneak peak into the feature and specs of the latest Xiaomi Watch Color –


Xiaomi Watch Color will have a 420mAh that Xiaomi claims will last up to 14 days in typical watch mode. It will last for 22 days in basic mode and 22 hours in outdoor sports mode, says Xiaomi. The watch comes with a circular charger that attaches to the base through magnets.



The Xiaomi Watch Color will have a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a 454 x 454 resolution which will be enclosed in a stainless steel frame.



The Xiaomi Watch Color comes with a circular dial and two colors – Elegant Black and Fashion Silver. Although the straps are not available to choose while checking out, Xiaomi says one can replace them later on.

This watch will be shipped with silicone straps and users do not have buy other brands’ straps later as they might lead to allergies mostly.


The most interesting part that had been attracting and confusing many people was the Xiaomi’s 1540 designs plan. However, with the official revelation, the air has now been cleared. Xiaomi has put forward the calculation like this-

There will be 110 dials options, 2 color options, seven different straps (six silicone and one alligator leather strap)  options to choose from.


Thus mixing any of any of the above options, you will get a total of 1540 different combinations. The probability of increased combination options can’t be declined for the number of dials as well as colors and straps might increase in the coming time.

Other Features


  • The watch connects via Bluetooth 5.0 LE, has GPS and GLONASS.
  • This smartwatch from Xioami can track a total of 10 activities which include – outdoor running, indoor running /treadmill, trail running, climbing, outdoor cycling, elliptical training, walking, free training, indoor swimming, and open water swimming.
  • More features like tracking for indoor and open water swimming will be available through an OTA update sooner or later.
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 meters.
  • It has NFC and is compatible with bus-card payments in a number of cities in China.
  • It has an user interface similar to MIUI.
  • It has the Xiaomi’s XiaoAI Assistant built-in, thus letting users to control their smart home products or ask it questions. But, the watch only has a microphone and not a speaker. Hence the responses will be displayed on the screen.
  • The smartwatch is designed to measure VO2Max and uses FIRSTBEAT™ to analyze your physical activity and provide professional training guidance.
  • It can measure your heart rate (24-hour monitoring), stress level, and tracks your sleep too.
  • The smartwatch also monitors in real-time what it calls energy level and will tell you to take a break when you have engaged in energy-draining tasks.
  • It has an ambient light sensor.
  • A gyroscope, a geomagnetic sensor, an accelerometer, and a barometer are also included.


The Xiaomi Watch Color will sell for ¥799 which is nearly equal to $115. However, it will sell for more on third-party reseller sites.

In case there is a 42mm version, we can presume it might sell for ¥699 (~$100) or at a lesser rate.

If you are looking forward to buying the latest Xiaomi Watch Color, you can go to Do share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

We will be glad to hear from you.

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