New release: tinyBuild Graveyard keeper’ now available on Play Store

Over the years, tinyBuild has ported a couple of great games to mobile. And they have just added another one to the list called Graveyard Keeper.

Graveyard Keeper is a cemetery simulation game that is very similar to Stardew Valley. the title is now available on iOS, Android, iPadOS, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Like Stardew Valley, the game focuses on farming, crafting, and exploration amid a quiet little village. Unlike that title, however, you’ll also prepare corpses for burial in the graveyard, which involves removing certain organs to increase the body’s overall quality. Later, once alchemy is unlocked, you can even embalm the bodies to further increase the quality. Better quality corpses means a better rating for your graveyard, afterall.

Graveyard keeper is indeed a premium release, and you can pick it up off the Play Store for $9.99 ($10 cheaper than the Steam price) starting today.

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