Moto X4 August security update starts rolling out, but here’s a twist

When Motorola was in the hands of Google, we had regular updates for the users without having to report them about the late services. However, since a few years now, there has been an immense decrease in the regularity and service from the company. The Moto devices have failed as compared to the newly established Chinese OEMs.

However, now the Motorola is seeming to have come to their sense. This so because Motorola has been lately focusing on the August Security Patches very well. This has initiated with the Verizon Moto Z4 receiving the August Security Patch just yesterday. A few days earlier, the Moto G6 Play and G6 Plus received the June and July updates as well. So it seems like Motorola has finally been considering the Firmware updates important.

Moto X4 August security update starts rolling out, but here’s a twist

The latest device that has been added to this list is the Moto X4. The Moto X4 August security update has started rolling out. However,  here’s a twist. This update has been released only for the Moto X4 devices that are running on the Android One US Edition. The OTA package is limited to only these devices.

Moto X4 August security update starts rolling out, but here’s a twist

Now though there has been an August Security patch, there is nothing as significant as users could have expected from such rare timely updates. This is the probable reason why the update will be slightly lightweight.

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Now talking specifically about the Indian users, the experience of Indians with Motorola has been quite rough. After March 2019, there was not a single patch for the Indian users.  The July update that was rolled out recently could not reach many Indian devices!

All we can say for now is that we hope Motorola does not disappoint its users now, especially the Indian users. There is no statement for now with the Motorola updates as users can get stale updates older than a month. Stay tuned for updates on this story.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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