Mobile Video Gaming – A Look into the History and Benefits

Mobile Video Games – A Look into the History & Benefits

The first popular mobile video game was the Snake by Nokia 3310 back in 1997. However, the roots of mobile gaming go back to three years earlier. In 1994, when an arcade game Tetris version was launched on Hagenuk MT-2000. Who would have thought that today Mobile gaming possesses a massive market globally? Out of $160 billion in the global games industry, nearly half of the revenue came from mobile games in 2020. According to, mobile gaming made up nearly 75 percent of global mobile revenue during the first half of 2019. 

Coming back to the snake game on Nokia 3310, it became a worldwide phenomenon. The game was simple and highly addictive for all age groups. As time progressed, Alien Fish Exchange and Space Invaders went massively popular on mobile platforms from 1999 to 2005. 

With the advent of smartphones, the face of mobile games changed dramatically and Man… so swiftly. iPhone came into the mobile market in 2007, and this was when game developers started implementing multiple touch controls in mobile games. Angry Birds was the first highly successful game that released on iPhone back in 2009.

In 2012, the Candy Crush game was released, and it conquered the market. The game was one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. The next game that followed nearly the same success was none other than Clash of Clans: a high-end fun, and engaging strategy game. The game gives a huge room to players to build empires and protect their clans. The game established so much that the demand for getting high-tier accounts started to rise and current players are selling CoC accounts for a cheap price, who would have thought that everything could evolve to this.

There are some fantastic things about mobile video games that differentiate them from the high-budget AAA console and PC Video Games. Let’s take a look at some of those differentiation factors.

Mobile Video Gaming – A Look into the History and Benefits

The Free to Play Model

Mobile games introduced the Free to Play Model like no other platform. Today, most of mobile games following the Free to Play Model, which means that a player can install and play the game completely free of cost; however, in order to perform better and progress effectively, he/she might have to purchase important equipment/weapons/goods etc., and that is technically called “In-App Purchases.” 

The Free to play Model has expanded the mobile gaming platform’s reach to the masses. With this model, anyone having a smartphone can download and play that particular game. Game developers that release free-to-play games earn their revenues through In-App purchases and In-game ads, and video gamers are not bothered with it too, so it is a win-win situation.

High Comfort Level

Gaming in mobile generates a high comfort level for the players. You can play a mobile game comfortably sitting on your couch or wherever you feel comfortable. You do not need to go to a specific room to enjoy your favorite game. All you want is a smartphone, and you can sit wherever you want to play the game.

Caters to All Age Groups

Game developers have crafted thousands of mobile games that are not only free of play but also those games can be played by virtually all age groups. A homemaker can download her favorite cooking simulation game like Cooking Fever and enjoy it in her spare time. 

Mobile games are usually much easier to play compared to AAA console games. A casual gamer from any age group can kill his spare time quite well with a mobile game. In-addition, hardcore gamers can also enjoy fantastic games like Old School Runescape on their mobile screens and complete their respective adventure. 

Social Communities

Mobile games have helped the gaming community to build social communities. Even an introvert forms a comfortable social community through his/her favorite mobile game that involves multiple players. Video games like Clash Royale and PUBG Mobile can engage with other players worldwide, chat with the other players and make a friends community. 


Mobile games are getting bigger and better with each day’s passion on. With technological advancements and mobile games’ acceptability in virtually all age groups, we can safely say that mobile games are on their way to capture more market share in the gaming industry’s total revenue. 

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