MIUI ‘Open with’ window not working? Workaround here

Developers around the globe are constantly engaged in creating new technologies and not everytime it goes ad it should. Some glitches find their place in the system developed. At times, one development causes ill effects on other already existing systems. One such issue is caused in the Xiaomi MIUI recently.

MIUI ‘Open with’ window not working? Workaround here

If you are a Xiaoni user, you might have noticed that the MIUI ‘Open with’ window is not working and you are not getting any options like Web browser, Mi store, Google Play, etc.

The ‘Open with’ pop up now enlists only  one option – ‘Remember My Choice’. Ironically, there is no choice mention there. The below screenshot could help you know the issue more clearly-

MIUI ‘Open with’ window not working? Fix in works

Considering the issue, many Xiaomi users took the reports to official Xiaomi forum. One of such reports is below-

Hey, I’m not able to open play store or Mi apps from a different app. When the ‘open with’ window pop up, I can’t find any apps to work with. I’m using Redmi Note 6 Pro

After receiving a number of reports, the forum moderator as well as a member of the device team acknowledged this issue. The device team member assured users that the issue will be brought to the attention of devs team.
While the Forum moderator informed that the issue will be reported and fixed.
The issue has been just identified and yet there is no word about an ETA bug fix update.
A short workaround for this issue is by uninstalling and reinstalling the Nova Launcher. This has worked for a few but we are not sure yet.
An eye will be kept by us on the updates regarding this matter. Stay tuned.
Happy Androiding:-)

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