MIUI 12 camera for Xiaomi devices will feature GCam Astrography mode

MIUI 12 camera for Xiaomi devices will feature GCam Astrography mode: MIUI 12, everyone was waiting for this update. The announcement of this latest software took place back in the month of April. This update will be having a lot of new features this time that will blow the mind of the user’s.

Previously the MIUI 12 updates were set for June month but later there has been a delay in the release date. However, according to the announcement release of this MIUI 12 will be after July.

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MIUI 12 features and updates

There have been features included with the new MIUI 12. The features, as well as updates, are given below-

MIUI 12 camera astrography

This feature will help the Xiaomi users to capture those things which are very hard for smartphones to capture. This includes moonlit night skies as well as stunning star trails. This is somewhat similar to the long exposure mode similar to that of the Google Pixel 4.

This feature will also help to capture silky waters. This mode is however available in Poco F2 when having the beta version of MIUI 12. This astrography feature is similar to that of the Pixel 4 introduced by Google.

However, it is not completely known which phone will be able to attain these features especially the star shooting modes.

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User privacy of MIUI 12

The MIUI 12 is now having the certification of TUV Rheinland. The company claims this to be the first for any android mobile OS guaranteeing the security at the top level for the Xiaomi device.

The certificate will be having credibility as well as security at a premium level. This year the company had played an enormous role with respect to security.

Safeguarding personal data

The MIUI 12 will now be having a brand new feature of virtual identity. This will help in safeguarding the personal data go any website or any app. This time the UI will play a role in concealing the original data and replacing that data with a virtual identity.

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Being a user, now you will be able to choose which data you want to show to the website or app. You can access the feature of virtual identity with the help of the MIUI account or you can also sign in with Google or Facebook for signing to any app or website.

Sound assistant

With the new update of MIUI 12, you can now control the volume output. You will be able to adjust volume levels for different apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime HD, Spotify and other streaming or utility apps.

All the phones who have updated to MIUI 12 will be able to use the feature of the sound assistant. This update will help you set different sound levels for different apps.

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Customizing better graphics

This will be having different animations. You will be able to customize the animations on our own. if you open your app and close it, then the icons can react to the touch gestures with the help of animation. The updated animations will be having smoother curves, improved shadows, rounded corners, styled curves, etc.

Efficient Multitasking

This time you will be having a new multitasking feature. A big screen is there for multitask and other screens with data which is less important while you can use the various apps at the same time. this multitasking is very effective in MIUI 12.

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Improvement in dark mode

Previous MIUI versions were having dark mode but this time this mode is applicable to almost all the apps including dialers, gallery, messaging apps, and many more. Other system settings will also be having a dark mode along with menus and sub-menus.

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That was it all about the MIUI 12 camera  Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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