Minecraft Live Vote for Mob 2020 to Add new Mob the Game

Minecraft Live Vote for Mob 2020 to Add to the Game One of the Three Mobs – Iceologer, Moonbloom, or Glow Squid, to Add to the Game! 

A new event, Minecraft Live 2020 Mob Vote for three new mobs namely Iceologer, Glow squid, and Moonbloom is happening, and here are all the details you need to know about this Minecon 2020!

Minecraft Live Vote for Mob 2020

To vote, Minecraft players will have to tune into the show on October 3. If you are wondering what time is Minecraft Live 2020, it is at 12 PM ET. If you cant keep up with the time, you can also stay tuned with the Minecraft Twitter account to get the updates when the poll goes live.

You will have to go to the Official Twitter account of Minecraft to cast your vote for one of these three nominees –


Iceeloger can be introduced as the cold-hearted illager from Minecraft Dungeons. This mob will be found in snowy environments through the blocky world of Minecraft – particularly upon the peaks of mountains.

When came across, they will start throwing ice blocks at you, making the mountainous ascent even more harazdous!


From Minecraft Earth, Mooblooms will be able to interact with bees. These will be located in the Flower Forest biome, provided they are chosen as the lastest mob.

Glow Squid

Previously a part of Minecraft Earth, the Glow Squid will haunt the deep, dark waters around your blocky Overworld. Although having those creepy glowing eyes, like those of Enderman, they will not be much of a threat.

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