League of Legends: Improve High Elo Solo Queue

Players all around find that Riot’s League of Legends solo queue games have lost quality. But there are a few ways to get around this issue. Down below, are seven ways to improve high elo solo queue in League of Legends. 

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League of Legends: Riot league complaints

Following these complaints, LCS commentator Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo released a detailed article which has many suggestions and steps that Riots can take for better police ranked League of Legends. These are specifically aimed at high elo players who are diamond II and above. We expect Riot to consider these suggestions before launching their season 11, but for now here are 10 suggestions to improve your high elo queue.

League of legends: Courtesy of Riot Games

7 way to improve High elo Solo queue

1: Harsher Rules for High diamonds and above.

2: High elo players should be required to provide details of the nature of their report, to enable Rioters to see the validity of the report.

3: Waiting in queues for dodging has been a continuous cause of complaint. Hence, a voting system to dodge or not would minimize the problems, thus help you improve high elo solo queue.

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4: Extent of punishment has been a hot topic for some time now, LSC suggested a punishment system similar to the one in DOTA, a new punishment system must be established.

5: For years, Smurfing has been a problem for League of Legend players. If Smurf’s are regulated keenly, it would prevent players from circumventing full account or IP bans.

6: Players have claimed repeatedly that Honor Levels doesn’t add anything for them. Even in High elo. Which is why, Riot must try to tie Honor Levels to a meaningful reward.

 7: A suggestion that has very high merit is to start Monitoring High elo games, to ensure that rules are not abused.

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An overview of the matter

Many well-known high elo players and professionals claim that the game quality is at its worst in Season 10, including Tarzaned and Voyboy, who have complained about the games AFKers, intentional feeders, soft feeding, dodging, queue times, and unbalanced teams.

I hope the article was useful and you could improve High elo solo queue.

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