How to Install an App on BlueStacks 4 Easily

Install an App on BlueStacks 4: Bluestack is an Android gaming Platform on PC which is designed for everyone. There is always a thrilling experience that we have whenever we use the BlueStack 4 due to its exciting features and innovations. Anyone who has at any time in their gaming period played on Bluestacks knows exactly what we are saying.

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This has actually gained such huge popularity because of the differences and opinions people have about playing a game being better on PC as compared to playing it on mobile, due to many reasons either being because of the touch controls which at times can be problematic at times and also due to the small screen space. So now imagine something like a BlueStacks coming in and making the PC gaming experience even better. Getting the thrills? That is exactly what we were talking about. 


So even though BlueStacks is being able to offer so many features one must know how to use them as well. So it is important for one to know how to install the game in BlueStacks and be able to enjoy the features. So that is why we are here with passing on the information on how to install Apps on BlueStacks 4. So without any more delay let us get started.

How to Install an App on BlueStacks 4 Easily

Step 1: Firstly just like usual you must open the Bluestacks 4 app using the Start button at the left bottom corner of your home screen.

Step 2: Then in the app click on My games tab which is also the first tab present on the window.

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Step 3: Then in case due to any reason you have not signed in to your Google Play Store then do it immediately.

Step 4: Then in the Google Play Store type the name of the app that you would want to install and then click on the Install option present on your screen.

Step 5: Now once you have clicked on the Install button the app will be installed in your PC.

How to uninstall an App on BlueStacks 4 Easily

Step 1: Initially you must open the BlueStacks 4 app which can be done using either the Start button or if there is a shortcut available click on it.

Step 2: Then there you can find the My Games tab, select it. You can find that tab as the first tab on the screen.

Step 3: Now you must look for the app you would want to uninstall then on the top right side of the screen you can find three dots, click on them.

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Step 4: Now you can find the Uninstall option there, click on it. This will help you remove that app from the PC. 


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