How to Increase Gaming Performance on BlueStacks 4

Increase Gaming Performance on BlueStacks 4: lueStacks is a gaming Platform started to satisfy the needs of all kinds of gamers. It keeps coming up with new features and innovations in order to make our experience using the app a memorable one. This might sound too much for people who haven’t used the app but for those who have they know exactly what we are talking about.

As we all know there has been an ever ending discussion going around about the better gaming mode phone or PC, but as we know the PC offers better screen space and also better quality as well, so by the PC domination over mobile the BlueStacks has also benefited a lot. 

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So something as important to gamers as BlueStacks has performance issues meaning not satisfying the basic need that users expect from it. So we are here with the possible 2 methods available in order to Increase the Gaming Performance in BlueStacks 4. So without any more delay let us get started.

Method 1: Allocating More CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks 4 to Increase Gaming Performance on BlueStacks 4 

Step 1: First you might want to enable Virtualization. So first click on Start and then go to Task Manager in that click on Performance Tab and then in there click on CPU found on the left pane and make sure Virtualization is enabled. 

Step 2: Once you have enabled the Virtualization, Open the BlueStacks 4.

Step 3: Then go to the Menu and then click on the Settings option in there.

Step 4: Now click on Engine.

Step 5: In there choose the option maximum value for CPU and RAM.

Step 6: Now click on Save and then restart the BlueStacks.

Method 2: Use the Discrete GPU of your Computer to Increase Gaming Performance on BlueStacks 4 

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Step 1: First you must open the BlueStacks 4.

Step 2: Then click on the Menu.

Step 3: Now open the Settings.

Step 4: Now click on Engine.

Step 5: Now you can find the option “ Prefer dedicated computer graphics (NVIDIA only)” under the GPU settings, enable the box next to that option.

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