How to Identify different USB Ports on your Computer

Identify different USB Ports on your Computer: The various cables that used to come in the early 2000s have now been eliminated and have been simplified a lot thereby eliminating a huge burden off the shoulders of the users. The Universal Serial Bus popularly know as USB is the universally accepted standard for connecting devices. Mostly like mouse and keyboards, hard drives, printers and scanners, and many such computer-related devices.

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These days the most common type of ports available is the USB type-A and USB type-C. In this post, let us discuss everything you will need to know about USB Ports and also we’ll guide you through How to Identify different USB Ports on your Computer

How to Identify different USB Ports on your Computer

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1. USB A

The USB Type-A connectors are the most commonly used connectors in the world. Any TY’s, other media players, gaming systems, car stereo, and other devices prefer this type of port.

2. USB Type C

This is the newest and fastest emerging USB type mainly known for its fast data transferring and charging. Now in all the latest smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more this is available. They also have a powerful data transmitting speed up to 10 Gbps and use 20 volts/5 amps/100 watts of power to charge. 

3. USB Type B

These are the USB Types used for peripheral devices like printers and scanners. Also in rare circumstances are found in devices like floppy disk, hard drive enclosures, and optical drives.  It is recognized for its squarish share and slightly beveled corners.

4. USB Micro B

This is a type of connection found on newer smartphones, GPS devices, digital cameras, and smartwatches. It is usually identified for its 5 pin design with a rectangular shape and beveled edges on the side. 

5. USB Mini B

These like the name are very similar to USB B type connectors but comparatively smaller in size. These are also used in connecting peripheral devices. This has 5 pins, including am extra ID pin to support OTG capabilities. You can also find them in smartphones, digital cameras, and very rarely in computers.

6. USB Mini-B (4 Pin)

This is a kind of unofficial connector found in digital cameras mostly the ones manufactured by Kodak. It very closely resembles a B-style connector due to its beveled corners, but it is smaller in size. 

Method 1: Check for labels to Identify different USB Ports on your Computer

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A very few manufacturers have a habit of labeling the ports directly on the device. They are usually marked as 1.0, 11, 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1. They also can be marked using symbols. USB port 3.0 is marketed as SuperSpeed USB and the manufacturers generally mark it with prefix ‘SS’. Also if you find a thunderbolt lightning icon then it denotes ‘Always on’ port. This means you can charge using that even if the system is off. 

Method 2: Check the color of the port to Identify different USB Ports on your Computer

Sometimes the manufacturers use color to mark the ports for easy identification. The Colors and their respective USB Version are as follows

USB Version

Color Allocated

USB 1.0/ 1.1


USB 2.0

USB 3.0 


USB 3.1 


Always On ports



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