Huawei Harmony OS Version 2.0 to launch on September 11 for wearables, PCs, and cars

The all new custom UI Skin from Huawei – Harmony OS Version 2.0 is going to launch on September 11 for wearables, PCs, and cars.

Even since the ban implied on Huawei by American President Donald Trump,  there has been a decline in the Huawei company’s reputation and sales marketing. It has indeed been functioning great in the markets of China being a product of Chinese.

But due to the decision made by the US, it has affected the decision of many other regions as well.

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One of the major reasons for all this is since Huawei cannot compliment the features of Google Play services. It is seen that the majority of the people in the world are now highly dependent on Google Play Services.

A device not being compatible with Google Play can be a huge disadvantage right now for the company. People are highly dependent on several applications that are offered by Google Play.

For this company to come back to the market, it developed its own operating platform in August 2019. Huawei Harmony OS was developed for the IoT devices. It an upcoming operating system that is microkernel-based and has been developed by the company Huawei.

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But the company still seems to suffer due to its ties broken with the American market. In order to fix this issue, the company has decided to sell its operating platform Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 to several other devices.

Huawei is planning to bring the operating device of HarmonyOS to several platforms such as to cars, watches, and even computers with a new version of Huawei Harmony OS 2.0. The company has announced to release this new version in the market in September 2020.

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There has been no mention in the case of mobile phones. But, it is seen that the company could get a start in terms of Android for sales. When the company releases its Operating device OS for PCs, watches, and cars, this is when it will become popular and more in use.

The company, Huawei started their sales for Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 initially only in the Chinese market. This operating software apparently is said to make a huge place in the market in no time with its immense facilities. Its operations with its latest versions on personal computers will make it popular for people to know and then use.

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