Huawei Display might come soon with Three Variants

Speculations about Huawei launching its own line of personal computers(PC) have been long around in the market. every time the company is about to launch a product or make an announcement this buzz reaches its maximum and people look forward to being surprised.


But to people’s disappointment, no official news or rather, any kind of news on this issue has not been released by the officials of the company.

However, rumours die hard is exactly what happened with Huawei. A Weibo user spurred the news of the company launching its PC  and yet again this news made headlines.


But what was more to the news is that the company was not only just launching a PC but launching it with three variations.  The three variations or models included a high-end, a mid-range and a low-end product.

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And all these variations were to be released at the same time. News like this is bound to make your anticipation higher.

However, this is not the first time the rumours about three variants of the PC were in speculation. This rumour from the Weibo user is similar to previous rumours about the company’s own display series.

To add to this further, it seems the displays were tested about a year ago and they are more than ready to be released within the next few months with a bang!

To add more fuel to the fire, hush-hush about the specifications of the PC was also speculated. It is said that one amongst the three, one has a 32-inch display screen that uses either a 512 partition or 1024 partition.

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This partition is similar to that of a mini LED backlight. And surely, the PC’s will have an in-built HUwaei set-up and ecosystems and special provisions to be exceptionally adaptable to the same companies smartphones.

Apart from launching PC’s, the company is also planning on launching desktop PC’s, or at least that’s what the rumours say.

Expected Specifications of Huawei Display

As far as one knows, a Huawei model of a desktop PC was identified on a 3D Mark very recently. To add more information, the model had an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 44000G CPU with 6 core processors. Sounds very tempting!

Adding to the list the desktop model would have 12 threads and a clock frequency ranging from  3.7 to 4 GHz. more so, the CPU is designed with a Vega 7 GPU clocked at 1800 MHz.

If the rumours are to be true this desktop PC is surely going to be the number 1 buy on everyone’s list. But an observation states that there is an absence of a graphics card. This has increased the speculations of this desktop PC may actually be a mini desktop computer with a small form factor.

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God knows what new observations pop up next!

Concluding words

However, to the disappointment of the audience, no concrete evidence is available yet nor an announcement from the company has been made regarding the launching of any of the two products and the variations.

So all we can do from our side is not get carried away with such rumours but still, keep a distant eye on the news for any official news to feed our hunger for more.

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Happy Androiding:-)

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