How to use Copyright Music on YouTube in 2020

How to use Copyright Music on YouTube in 2020: If you are a content creator, I need not tell you how strict are YouTube’s terms and conditions. Using music without the original creator’s permission is a huge violation of YouTube. Previously, YouTube used to strike your channel for three times before deleting the video or demonetizing it. The current terms and regulations are crazy strict that if you use the copyrighted music on the video it will be deleted immediately.

But lucky for you that you are here, you can use copyright music on YouTube by doing some workarounds. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use copyright music on YouTube and we will also discuss how YouTube copyright system works.

What happens when you use Copyright music on YouTube?

No one among the creators exactly knows how YouTube copyright policies work inexact. YouTube has three ways to put down a copyrighted video.

  1. YouTube will mute the audio but the video will still be available.
  2. Monetization of the video will be removed completely.
  3. YouTube will block the video and penalize your channel.
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How to use Copyright Music on YouTube in 2020


  1. Open YouTube on your PC, and log in if not already.
  2. Click on the Profile icon on the top and choose YouTube Studio (Beta)
  3. On the menu towards the left, you can find Audio Library, click and open it.
  4. Now you will get a list of music files here that you can use on a video.
  5. Click and select on the music file for which a small description of copyright music will appear.
  6. Click on Attribution and select the attribution required option.
  7. Now you will get the list of attribution files which it will display the limitations and mentions.
  8. If you need copyrighted music with mentioned claims, you can use them. In case not followed you can use the music without any piracy violations. If you fail to mention, you might as well have to face penalties.

That is how to use copyright music on YouTube  If this post helped you to use copyright music on YouTube, show us some love by sharing this article with your friends and family to whom this post can be useful. Now that you have done that, it is time for me to bid you adieu. For more posts like this, stay tuned with us! Until next time, Stay Techy!

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