How to Root Samsung Phone With CF Root Using Odin Tool

Root Samsung Phone using Odin Tool: Are you looking for the appropriate way to root your Samsung phone using the Odin tool? Are you in a situation with a struck Samsung screen? Has your device got bricked? Do you want to restore back to stock? Here, in this article, is a solution for you all. the Odin Tool itself! You can now easily root your Samsung phone using Odin Tool. Here’s how-

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of allowing users to Android Devices, like Smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android Operating system to attain privileged control over Android System. it gives access to the Android system codes. it allows customizing the Android Software on the Samsung Phone or Installs other custom ROMs that the Device manufacture wouldn’t normally allow you to do.

Advantages of Rooting

  1. You can Install Custom ROMs.
  2. You can Install Xposed Modules.
  3. it’s allow flashing modding Zip files.
  4. You can Install MODs, Kernel.
  5. You can remove all bloatware.

What is TWRP Recovery?

Team win recovery project is the most known open-source software custom recovery for Android-based Devices. it gives a touchscreen-enabled user interfaced. TWRP Recovery allows users to install the third-party custom firmware.

Benefits of TWRP Recovery

  1. You can Root and Unroot your Android Device using TWRP recovery.
  2. You can Root your Samsung Phone by flashing Latest magisk via TWRP.
  3. You can flash custom ROMs, MODs, Kernel Using TWRP recovery.
  4. it allows installing Xposed Firmware.
  5. it allows the user to remove all bloatware using TWRP recovery.
  6. You can create Android Backup Using TWRP Recovery.

What is Odin Tool?

Odin Tool is the Firmware flashing Tool which allows the user to modification in all Samsung Android Devices. And Odin is Windows-based software Which is developed by Samsung internal developer team for Flashing Stock Firmware and stock recovery, Custom Recovery on Samsung Android Device. Also Used by Samsung Service Center for Installing Stock Firmware. Odin Tool is completely Free Software. it supports all Samsung Devices.

Advantages of Odin Tool

  1. Anyone Can use it. also, it is free.
  2. The user can Flash Samsung Stock Firmware.
  3. The User easily flash custom firmware on Samsung Devices.
  4. You can Install Custom Recovery.
  5. Root Your Samsung Device using Odin Tool.
  6. You can Flash Custom Kernels.
Disclaimer will not be the responsible for any damage that occurred with your Samsung Phone while performing the given tutorial. Do it at your own risk. However, if you have any doubts, you can ask us in the comment section below.


  1. Make sure you have Installed USB Driver on your Windows, Mac, Linux.
  2. Make sure you have a charging percentage more than 70%.
  3. Make sure you have unlocked the bootloader of Samsung Phone.
  4. Create an Android backup on your Android Device.
  5. Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers and tool on your Windows, Mac, Linux.
  6. Make sure you have Enabled the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

How to to Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Step 1:- First of all head over to Device setting. Scroll to the very bottom and click on About phone.

Step 2:- Once You are in About Phone. Again Scroll to the very bottom and click 7 times on build number to enable Developer Options.

Step 3:- Now go back and open Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

How to Root Samsung Phone With CF Root Using Odin Tool

Step 4:- Also Enable Advanced Reboot Option.

That is it! You have now enabled USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.

#Method 1: How to root Samsung Phone using Odin Tool?

Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to root your Samsung device with the help of Odin Tool.

How to Root Samsung Phone Using Odin Tool

Step 1: To begin with the rooting process of your Samsung phone, first of all, install Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC. This is a crucial step to connect your Samsung phone to the Odin Tool in the Computer. Once the drivers get installed, you will be prompted to restart your Computer.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded Odin Tool from the link given above, unzip it on to your Computer desktop. You do not have to install the software, extracting it would cover up the business.

Step 3: Switch your Samsung Phone Off and set it to the Download Mode. You can do so by pressing and holding down the Power Button + Home key + Volume Down key, all at the same time.

You will have to hold this until the Samsung Screen shows up. This is where your phone will now boot into download mode.

How to Boot Into Download Mode in Samsung Phone

Step 4: Now connect your Samsung Phone to the Computer with the help of USB Cable Drivers that you might have received along with the phone in the box.

Connect Samsung Phone to PC Using USB Cable

Step 5: In your Computer, go to the Odin folder and open the Odin App. Over there, in the Option bar, you will have to check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. In the ID:COMM, it should be showing Connected. This ensures that Odin has recognized your Samsung phone as connected and is ready for the further process.

Step 6: You will for rooting purpose, now extract the CF-Auto-Root File.

Download CF-Root

Step 7: Click on PDA and then go to the folder with your file. Search for and click on the file that ends with- tar.md5

Step 8: Click on the Start button to initiate the flashing process. You will be shown the current progress during flashing by Odin Tool.

Step 9: Now your device will reboot into Stock Recovery. Then, Reboot.

Your Samsung device is now rooted.

#Method 2: How to Root Samsung Phone with Magisk?

This method needs to be done after the installation of Custom Recovery and Magisk. According to me, this is more preferable than any other methods. However, the choice depends on your understanding of these methods and working on the same.

Step 1. To begin with, TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery will be essential to root using this method.

Step 2. Along with that, you will have to Supersu Zip or Download Magisk Latest Zip File.

Step 3. Now reboot your Samsung Phone into the Recovery Mode.

Root Huawei Nova 3i using SuperSu and Magisk

Step 4. This step is optional. Create a backup. Tap on backup, and then select partitions of your choice, preferably all of them, and then do the Swipe action at the bottom to start backing up the whole phone! It would always come very handy in case anything bad happens to the phone. Go back to TWRP’s main screen by tapping on Home button at bottom left corner.

Backup Using TWRP Recovery

Step 5. On the main screen of TWRP, tap on Install, and then browse and select the Magisk Zip file. On next screen, just do the Swipe action at the bottom to root your device.

Root Huawei Nova 3i using SuperSu and Magisk

Install Magisk using TWRP Recovery

Step 6. And you are almost done with it. Your Samsung Phone now has the root access through MAGISK Installation.

How to Root Samsung Phone With CF Root Using Odin Tool

Install Magisk on Nova 3i

Step 7. An important note rather. Do not try to root your device with this method if  SuperSu is not available for your device.

Why Magisk?

Pass Google’s SafetyNet tests even when your phone is rooted.

Modify or alter the software without tampering with the system (vendor) partitions.

Root any Android device with the open-source root solution.

Manage root permissions and use the fingerprint scanner to allow superuser requests.

Add third-party features using Modules.

Use banking and security applications on rooted devices.

Remove kernel features as dm-verity and force encrypt.

#Method 3: How to Root Samsung Phone Using SuperSu via TWRP or CWM:

Compatible Devices:

All android devices with the bootloader unlock and a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM, Philz, Carliv, Safestrap, etc. installed.

Don’t try this one any other device.

Step 1. Make sure you have a custom recovery installed.  You may need to unlock bootloader of your device before being able to install TWRP recovery.

Step 2. Download the SuperSU file on your device. If you download it on PC, be sure to transfer it to a device.

Step 3. You can disconnect the device from PC.

Step 4. Reboot into recovery mode to get into TWRP recovery. The process to reboot into recovery mode could wary from device to device. In general, per OEM, it’s as follows:

For HTC devices, power off, and then hold Power + Volume down to reach HBOOT mode, then reboot to recovery using the option there.

For Motorola devices, power off, and then hold Power + Volume down to reach bootloader mode (you’ll see FASTBOOT AP written at top of the screen), then reboot to recovery using the option there.

For Samsung devices, power off, then press and hold Power + Home + Volume up till you see Samsung logo.

For Sony devices, power off, the press Power + Volume down till your device vibrates a little, and when it does, release power button while keeping the volume down pressed. Now, when you see Android in the middle screen, let go of volume down too.

For LG devices, power off, then press and hold Power + Volume down until you see LG logo, and when you see it, release only power button for 2 seconds, and then press and hold Power button again, while you are still holding volume down all the time. Release both buttons when you see your custom recovery.

For other devices, Google is your friend.

Step 5. This step is optional. Create a backup. Tap on backup, and then select partitions of your choice, preferably all of them, and then do the Swipe action at the bottom to start backing up the whole phone! It would always come very handy in case anything bad happens to the phone. Go back to TWRP’s main screen by tapping on Home button at bottom left corner.

Root Huawei Nova 3i using SuperSu and Magisk

Backup Using TWRP Recovery

Step 6. On the main screen of TWRP, tap on Install, and then browse and select the SuperSU file. On next screen, just do the Swipe action at the bottom to root your device.

Install SuperSu on Nova 3i Using TWRP Recovery

Step 7. Tap on Reboot System to restart the device.

That’s it!

#Method 4: How to Root Samsung Phone Without PC/Computer

If you want to root Android but avoid complicated steps and instructions, a one-click root such as KingRoot might be the ultimate solution for you. Getting an Android device rooted is always the initial step one has to take to use their devices. Once this is performed you can get the most out of your device. Whether that is removing bloatware, customizing the appearance, or working with pre-installed apps, or even making the device faster than it was, the first step lies in rooting your device.

Although there are several products you can choose from to root your Android device, few are quick and easy to use. In fact, most require countless steps and time for you to root any device. Not many products on the market which are available today are as quick, easy, or convenient as KingRoot is when rooting your devices. So, consider it when choosing a rooting device, and you don’t want to go through a tedious process, or something which is extremely difficult or complex to complete when rooting your devices.

Step 1. To begin this method of rooting you will first of all have to download and install the KingRoot App on your Samsung Phone.

Step 2. Once you download this app, install it on your device. From the Settings Menu, enable the Unknown Sources.

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Now open the app in your Samsung Phone and click on “the large button- No Root Permission”.

Step 4. Remember to not touch the screen while this process is going on.

Step 5. And you are done here. You have got the Root access to your Samsung Phone.

In case this method fails for your device, we have three others as well for you to try. You can also try other apps like King Root App for rooting your droid. however, I would prefer you to use KingRoot App itself for the following reasons:

The Android software of KingRoot App is, in fact, free, however, for as long as you use it. Additionally, when upgrades are made, they are available to you, and easy to upgrade and download, without having to pay a subscription or upgrade fee to use them.

Tested and Proven to do the job on all Android devices.

Minimalism when it comes to one click root operations.

#Method 5: How to Root Samsung Phone with Computer/PC

Not Any sponsoring or Partial choice but TunesGo is simply the best Android Root tool in the industry with everything just simplified. All you need to do is to connect your Android, find the “Android Root” button and click it.

Just remember to do the following:

Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Phone from the settings menu. Go To Settings> Developer Options> Enable USB Debugging.

Charge your phone’s battery fully.

The advanced Android Root Module recognizes and analyses your Android device and choose the appropriate Android-root-plan for it automatically. You don`t need to worry about data loss or other issues. Make yourself a cup of coffee and watch the power of your Android getting unleashed – a few minutes will do!

Step 1. Connect your device to a computer via the data cables provided by the manufacturer.

Step 2. Launch the TunesGo Application on your Computer.

Step 3. Find “One-click Android Root” Option in Toolbox and click it to root your device.

Step 4.The process of rooting Samsung Phone will start and in a few moments, you will have the root access to your device.

Step 5. Your Samsung Phone is successfully rooted!

Why TunesGo?

  • Removes Ads.
  • Uninstalls useless, space-consuming apps that are pre-installed by the manufacturers.
  • Saves Battery.
  • Customizes ROMs to change your Android themes and settings completely.
  • Reduces Unnecessary RAM and CPU usage to Get better performance.

How to Check Samsung Phone is Rooted?

Install a root checker app from Google Play. Open it and follow the instructions, and it will tell you if your phone is rooted or not. Go old school and use a terminal. Any terminal app from Play Store will work, and all you need to do is open it and enter the word “su” (without the quotes) and hit return.

Now after knowing all the necessary basics of what rooting your device is, here is a simplified tutorial in the form of the written guide that will surely help you out.

Now that you have known all the essential basics of Rooting and its related aspects, it is high time we let you know the various methods of performing this task to control your device by all means. You can make use of any of the following ways to root your Samsung Phone.

Final Thoughts:

Hope you guys found the article regarding rooting the Samsung phone using Odin Tool useful. For more such articles, Keep visiting our Page Android Jungles or you can also subscribe to our Newsletter for timely notifications of our posts related to the tech world and its updates.

If you have any doubts regarding the Rooting process, Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. 🙂

Happy Androiding 😊

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