How to Play As Killjoy in Valorant: An Ultimate Guide

How to Play As Killjoy in Valorant: Killjoy, Valorant’s new agent from Germany who loves robots and gadgets. The intro of Killjoy itself seems interesting, right? Well, if you wondering how can you put her smartness in action during the matches especially in post-plant situations, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to play as Killjoy in Valorant and get the most of her to win the matches. With that said, let us quickly get started, shall we?

Abilities of Killjoy


  • Alarmbot: Using the Alarmbot, you can deploy a bot that will explode near your enemies when they are in the range. By doing this, enemies become vulnerable and you can take an advantage over them by performing peek and shoot.
  • Turret: You can deploy a turret that can shoot your enemies in a 180-degree vision cone.
  • Nanoswarm: Nanoswarm is the signature ability of Killjoy. As the name itself suggests, you can use the Nanoswarm ability to attack an enemy with a swarm of nanobots. This is best to clear out some hidden foes. A quick tip here, to deal damage to unsuspecting enemies, you can put the grenade in areas where it can be easily seen.
  • Lockdown: Lockdown is Killjoy’s ultimate ability and you can place this device on the ground and within some time, it will detain the enemies in radius of the dome. As the name says it all, the enemies will not be able to shoot and they get slowed and cannot diffuse the spike too.

How to Play As Killjoy in Valorant – An Ultimate Guide

Before you start, it is worth noting that to play as Killjoy, you will have to be fully aware of the map. Since Killjoy is a sentinel, you can use her abilities to gather information about your opponents. Do note that, Killjoy is not for an attacking gameplay. She mostly shines for defence gameplay. So, if you are attacking/rushing player, do consider slowing down. As a matter of fact, she is a bit weak in the attack and aggression aspect.

But in any case, she works splendidly with Cypher who has a similar concept. So for more impact, you can collaborate with Cypher. Also with a strategic placement of Turret and lockdown device, you can have a bigger hand and take over the entire gameplay. So, it would be favourable if you take advantage of the site when you are attacking as Killjoy. As mentioned earlier, you can use the Nanoswarm and Alarmbot if well-timed.

Now, these are all the tips we have in tank for Killjoy. Although Killjoy is a very powerful agent, it is really hard to master Killjoy and her abilities. With that said, let us end the guide here. So, this is our take on How to Play As Killjoy in Valorant. If this guide helped you with How to Play As Killjoy in Valorant, do consider sharing this guide with your friends and fellow Valorant players.

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