How to Play Among Us as Crewmate?

In this article, we are sharing with you all How to Play Among Us as Crewmate.

If you are here, I am assuming you already know about the very popular game of the moment and also wish to play the best game in Among Us.

As there is only one Imposter in Among Us, there are more chances of you being a Crewmate. Hence, it is essential that if you are playing the game, you should know the best tips to use as a crewmate.

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If you too want to become the best Crewmate and help your team win the game, here is a detailed guide on the best tips and tricks and strategies Among Us Crewmate can use to win the game!

What does a Crewmate do in Among us?


A Crewmate in Among Us has to complete assigned tasks in the spaceship without getting killed and also find out who the imposter is. The tasks include various types like swiping admin card, shooting asteroids, fueling ship, and so on.

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Just as you are completing the task, you will have to make sure that the imposter doesn’t kill you. And also, keep an eye and find proofs if you think someone is an imposter.

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A Crewmate has two options – Use and Report. The former is while interacting in the game and the later when you encounter a dead body. If the Host then allows, the Use feature will let you call an urgent meeting.

The game will pause and players can discuss among themselves and vote the suspicious imposter out. Each player will get only one shot at calling an urgent meeting.

To know how you can be perfect at this game, here is a guide with the best tips and strategies you can use to play Among Us as Crewmate.

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How to Play Among Us as Crewmate?

1. Move in Teams

This is the best way to check the imposter from killing and winning. If you make a team of 2,3,4 people and then complete the assigned tasks, the imposter will not be able to isolate someone and kill.

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2. Look out for Suspicious Behavior

Among Us reflects social life in so many ways. Say intuition or suspicion, we get an idea of someone’s intentions looking at their movements and body language.

Keep an eye for any sort of suspicious behaviour in the game.

3. Learn the Vents

If you have played Among us, you might already know that there are numerous vents in every room in the game. You can use the Among Us Maps – An Ultimate Guide to know all the vents.

These vents are a shortcut to move and can be used only by Imposters. Hence, if you see someone disappearing and reappearing with the help of these vents, make sure to collect it as a proof!

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4. Do Task Win

Crewmates are required to complete assigned tasks and this makes an important part of winning the game. Dont wander aimlessly but finish as much tasks as possible.

5. Don’t Abuse emergency meetings

Never do this. I repeat never. Emergency meetings are a very important feature and you get only one shot at it. Dont call them out or dont Conduct one if you are not sure.

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I hope you all could easily Play Among Us Perfectly as Crewmate with the help of above guide.

In case of any doubts or if you have any suggestions for other players, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you!

Happy Gaming:-)

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