How to Fix Xbox One won’t Read Disc

How to Fix Xbox One won’t read disc: Xbox One is one of the most famous gaming consoles and is an eighth-generation video game console developed by Microsoft. We have seen, listed, and troubleshooted a lot of Xbox One problems a lot in the past. If your Xbox One won’t read the disk or if you are facing Xbox One Disc Error, then you are in the right place.

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To begin with, there is no reason for you to panic if your Xbox One won’t read the disk or gives you a disk error. To be straight up, it is one of the most common issues with Xbox consoles over the years. In this article, we are going to help you with the different ways that you can try to fix Xbox One won’t read disc issue.

Reasons for Xbox won’t Read Disc or Disc Error

Although this is the most common issue, it is not all that easy to fix the issue. To fix the issue you can try all the below-mentioned methods, but patience is the key. One of the most seen and reported reasons are mentioned below, so try each of the steps carefully.

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1. Xbox won’t Read Disc because Disc is Dirty

It is very possible that you touch your game discs with not clean hands all the time. I mean, holding it properly wouldn’t change the fact but the disc can always collect dust and dirt when placed in uncertain areas like on your couch and on the floor. This could be the reason for most of you.

2. Xbox won’t Read Disc because Disc is Defective

Discs are very sensitive and are always exposed if not safeguarded in pouches or boxes. Discs can be easily scratched or damaged with time. Or on off chances that you play the game many times and CD gets scratches within the Xbox as it keeps on rotating under its axis. So that could be the reason as well.

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3. Xbox won’t Read Disc because Disc is not compatible

The previous generation Xbox’s used to originate with PAL and NTSC, but the One series of consoles were designed to be free of region-blocking so if you are from North America, your console should still be able to read games you brought from other regions. Incompatibility may still be the issue if you are having an issue with Blue-Ray discs and DVDs. Disc Coding could also result in the issue. But, do note that if you did run the same disc previously on your Xbox One, this might not be your concern.

4. Xbox won’t Read Disc because Console Disc Drive is Defective

Not all the time the issue is with the disc, sometimes your console is the culprit too. In any case, you can check with different discs to confirm the issue is with the discs or the console itself.

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How to Fix Xbox won’t Read Disc or Disc Error (Step-by-Step)

Remember the below-mentioned steps are tried by various Xbox owners in the past and reported that it is working. Try all the steps one by one and you can stop following the steps once you feel the issue was sorted. If not try till the very last step.

Step 1: Clean the Disc

How to Fix Xbox One won't Read Disc
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This is one of the easiest and most obvious step that everyone follows. The success rate is higher and chances are that you might also make the situation worse. I mean, this step requires a lot of patience. You will have to take a clean and soft cloth and wipe the disc slowly. You can also use a little bit of water, for better results you can damp the cloth and wipe.

Step 2: Play the Disc in another Console

How to Fix Xbox One won't Read Disc
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This is the best way to determine whether the issue is residing on the disc or the console itself. You can borrow the Xbox One from your friend and check whether the disc is reading on his console or not. If the disc doesn’t read, then its the issue with disc. If the disc is being read on the other console then it is the issue with console.

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Step 3: Restart the Console

How to Fix Xbox One won't Read Disc
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When something doesn’t work, restart it. It is one of the most followed lines in the world of tech. No matter what device it is, it might not function properly sometimes. A quick reboot or restart would fix the issue. You can try restarting the Xbox once and try to check again.

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Step 4: Get a new Disc

How to Fix Xbox One won't Read Disc

If your Xbox reads other discs fine and not the one which you are facing the issue with then do consider checking with another console as mentioned in step 2. Still no luck? Well, it is time to replace the disc.

Step 5: Get Help from Microsoft

If you found out the issue is with the Xbox console not the discs, well you can try blowing and removing dirt in the disc area. If that doesn’t grant you much of luck then your console needs to be physically checked. You can check with Xbox’s Support page for more information.


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