How to Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out

Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out: Genshin Impact is taking over the world due to its massive support for a wide range of devices. The fact that the game is completely free also adds to the count here. Considering this is an online-only game, it is understandable that this title faces a lot of errors that range from client system and critical server bugs.

Now, a lot of users are reporting that they are facing Genshin Impact launch button greyed out error. Unlike most of the errors, this error is caused due to the regional error of the server, this occurs due to the issues caused with your client. Before we start let me tell you that when the game is launched on PS4, mobile, or PC, the game scans the servers for any new downloadable resources.

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This process is constant on every launch and whenever the process is interrupted due to any reason such as closing the game, internet connectivity and etc, this error might occur. As this is from the client-side, there is obviously no such thing as straight-up fix, but can try to fix the issue. With that said, let us quickly get into the process, shall we?


Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out

  1. It is recommended to use the wired internet connection rather wireless. In general, Wireless connections are generally volatile and can result in the loss of connection and are considered unstable when compared to the Wired network connection with Ethernet cable or powerline.
  2. If you are playing on PS4, the options which you can use to troubleshoot the game are very minimal and performing a hard reset solves a lot of problems including the Launch button issue.
  3. If the wired connection is not possible for your device you can always opt to go to 5 GHz frequency from 2.4 GHz.
  4. On PC’s and PS4’s, ensure that you are as near as possible to the router.
  5. Do not use a lot of devices on the same network. You can turn off Wifi on your gadgets such as TV’s, Tablets, and all the auxiliary device when not being used.

This is how you can Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out. If this guide helped you to fix Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out, do consider sharing this with your friends and gaming buddies. We at Android Jungles strive to bring you the gaming fixes and tips like this every day. So make sure to follow us on Google News and Twitter, to get notified whenever a post goes live. For more posts like this stay tuned with us. Until next time, stay techy


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