How to Farm Character EXP in Genshin Impact

How to Farm Character EXP in Genshin Impact: In the recent times, Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular games out there. There are many for the players to fall in love with this game. It is open world which players can explore, and not just that there is not a lot to do here which includes finding items, resources, beating enemies, cooking, and etc. As you progress in Genshin Impact, you will encounter stronger enemies and to battle these string and high-level enemies, you will have to increase your characters level too.

Now, that requires character EXP and we have got you covered with an ultimate guide on how to farm character EXP in Genshin Impact. With the said, let us quickly get into the process, shall we?

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How to Get Character EXP in Genshin Impact

One can easily earn character EXP in Genshin Impact by obtaining different materials and there are three different materials here. The names of these materials are Hero’s Wit, Adventurer’s EXP, and Wanderer’s Advice. These materials in Genshin Impact can help you to farm characters EXP. With that said, let us go through each of these individually.

How to Get Hero’s Wit in Genshin Impact?

For those who are not aware, Hero’s Wit in Genshin Impact is one of the most valuable and also the most exceptional of all the aforementioned materials. One single Hero’s wit can give you a whopping 20,000 EXP and this is a huge amount. How huge you ask… Well, large enough to make a notable difference in your characters level if you have reached a certain level.

However, at more modest levels, it can also help you to easily increase the level by even one or two depending on your current level. Also these are only available as rewards and you cannot actually earn them by simply exploring the world of Teyvat and since they are a part of the event rewards, you can easily get them after reaching Adventurer rank 20.

Do note that once you reach the Adventure Rank 20, you can easily get them as a reward for completing certain tasks and levels in the Battle Pass. But then again, you can easily get them by purchasing the Wayfarers Supply Bundle from the store.

How to Get Adventurers EXP in Genshin Impact?

Adventurers EXP, in general, gives a  character in the game 5,000 character EXP points and they also offer less amount of EXP than the Hero’s Wit, they are very much easily accessible in the game. Moreover, they make one of the best ways to farm characters EXP in Genshin Impact.

Also, you can easily raise a good amount of Adventurers EXP by playing Abyssal Domains. This is an 8-floor mission to complete and each floor gives you a certain amount of Adventurer’s EXP and check out what you are going to get by completing each floor in Abyssal Domains.

  • Floor 1 & Floor 2: 3 Adventurer’s EXP
  • Floor 3 & Floor 4: 5 Adventurer’s EXP
  • Floor 5 & Floor 6: 6 Adventurer’s EXP
  • Floor 7 & Floor 8: 7 Adventurer’s EXP

You can get these rewards from Abyssal Domains and try to keep farming only on the first two floors for low-level enemies. Also, another way to get the Adventurers EXP is through the Ley Line outcrops.

How to Get Wanderer’s Advice in Genshin Impact?

Wanderer’s Advice gives you a 1,000 character EXP and they will not remain an efficient way of getting EXP after the initial few levels and also you can collect the Wanderer’s Advice from the Ley Line Outcrops and Common chests. So, this our take on How to Farm Character EXP in Genshin Impact?

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