How to Download Pokemon Go for PC and Play using Arrow Keys

Download Pokemon Go for PC: Mobile gaming market is on the rage right now. Evidently a  lot of gamers are shifting from PC gaming to mobile gaming for various reasons. But gamers who have played games on PC will know that it has its own advantages. Also, the fact that the majority of the shooting games are easy or flexible compared to playing them on mobile. 

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But for now, as we are talking about the Pokemon GO where you are supposed to go places to catch the virtual Pokemon, which as we know may not be that flexible a thing to do in a PC. So in this article, we will help you out on the process of using Pokemon GO on PC and Play using Arrow Keys.

Prerequisites to Download Pokemon Go

Firstly in order to start playing Pokemon Go on your PC, you will have to install a few applications or so. Thus we have clearly mentioned below the files that need to be installed. With that being said, let us quickly get started, shall we?

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How to Download Pokemon Go for PC and Play using Arrow Keys

  1. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Mac OS which is High Sierra, and if you are using Windows then you can install the latest Mac OS using the VMWare.
  2. Once you have the latest version of Mac OS you can download the latest version of Xcode
  3. Pokemon GO WebSpoof: Download Here

How to setup & Play Pokemon GO on PC using Emulator

As already discussed Pokemon GO works on PC only if you have the latest version of Mac OS. Also if you have the Mac OS then you must be aware of Xcode. So let us look at the steps on how to set up and play Pokemon GO on PC:

  1. As said in the Prerequisites make sure your Mac OS and Xcode are updated and are of their latest versions. (High Sierra and 9.3 for Xcode)
  2. Now go to the Pokemon GO Webspoof link and under 1.2.1, download ‘’ and also the ‘Source
  3. After the download is complete open the program ‘pokemongo-webspoof’ and it has to open with the Xcode.
  4. Make sure that in Xcode you sign in with your Apple ID and the ‘Bundle Identifier’ is your Apple ID.
  5. Then you will have to trust your ID on your iPhone and enable the ‘pokemongo-webspoof’ on your PC.
  6. Now, plug your iPhone in and in Xcode, in the top left-hand corner where it says ‘Generic iOS Device’, select your iPhone at the very top, and hit play to the left.
  7. Then it should be saying ‘Build Succeeded’ else you must have made some error. Now go to the top tabs and select Debug > Simulate Location > and select ‘PokemonLocation’.
  8. Now a white screen must have popped up on your iPhone saying to start the game. Now sit back and enjoy the game. Make sure that you can now play the game with your keyboard arrows to move on the map.

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This is how you can install and play Pokemon Go on your Mac. There is a method available for Windows PC’s too, but sadly, the Windows versions which can playable through BlueStacks, is not working anymore. Once any working method is available we will make sure to update this space, be the first one to know by bookmarking this page!


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