How to Beat Mara Boss in Ghostrunner

How to Beat Mara Boss in Ghostrunner: If you are a Ghostrunner player, you must have been wondering how can you beat to defeat Mara boss. Defeating Mara Noss is easy if you know what exactly you will need to do. So, do you want to know How to Beat her? Well, this guide is for you.

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How to Beat Mara Boss in Ghostrunner

Initially you will get into this boss battle in the summit level and interestingly, only Dash will be functional for you. There will be three phases with different attacks from Mara Boss in Ghostrunner.

  • In the first phase, you will have to dodge the Mara Boss sweeping attacks by jumping over her arms.
  • You can also consider to move away, if that is possible in your given circumstances. Mara Boss will also try to slam her arm on the ground, and even might as well grab you. In such cases, you can counter it by quickly dashing away from it.
  • While Mara Boss’ grounded wave attack, you can simply jump or dodge to avoid the damage. Dodging and staying distant from the damage is the key here.
  • Now, if you have mastered this, it is time for you to lower her health is to make her arm strike the electricity boxes. Now, all you can do is dodging in eventual times and when piercing skrikes. When you do it correctly, her arm will get stuck which is when you cut it.
  • Moving on, she will start electrifying a section of field. Again, dodging is the key here.
  • In the meanwhile, keep attacking her at every possible time.
  • Finally, you can defeat her by following these steps.


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