How to be a Smooth Imposter in Among Us?

In this article, we are sharing with you all the best tops and strategies on How to be a Smooth Imposter in Among Us.

Among Us is indeed one of the best games that has gained a ton of popularity since the last month. We could all see memes circulating all over the internet related to the game. If you still don’t know what Among Us is, we recommend you to check out All About Among Us guide here.

To sum up in short, Among Us is a 4 to 10 players game where there is One Imposter and other Crewmates. The task of the Crewmates is to finish the given tasks and that of the imposter is to kill all the Crewmates without them knowing.

How to Play Among Us as Crewmate?

The game includes various other features which make it pretty popular and the fact that our social lives gave both friends and foes parallels with the entire idea of the game. And hence most of us can relate to it. (Thus the memes).

What is the role of Imposter in Among Us?


The Imposter has to kill all the Crewmates without getting voted out in the Emergency meetings. Thus, he has to deceive the other players and kill them all.

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Now although there’s only one Imposter and there are more chances of you being a Crewmate, it is crucial to know what all strategies you can use to play and win as an imposter. So here an easy guide on how to be a Smooth Imposter –

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How to be a Smooth Imposter in Among Us?

1. Keep Calm and Kill Crewmates!

No matter how the game starts and is going on, keep your composure. Don’t think that you are on one side and the rest of the people on the other.

You certainly have more features to use like cut off electricity supply or oxygen supply. So focus on killing the Crewmates!

2. Revert the Blame

If you kill someone and an emergency meeting has been called and someone is blaming you, don’t just take the blame right away. Speak for yourself. If the other crewmate has seen you near the dead body, you can counter blame that other person too.

Among Us is more fun to play on PC with more features. Click here to see How to Play Among Us on PC using Bluestacks?

3. Isolate Players

This is the best trick you can use as an imposter. If the crewmates complete the tasks in groups, it will be too hard for you to kill them all. So try breaking them apart and kill in Isolation.

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And you will certainly have other aids to sabotage like Cutting off electricity or oxygen supply to create chaos to get your work done.

4. Use Vents with Caution

Almost all rooms in the space ship have vents and all these can be used Only by the Imposter as shortcuts. But this truth is known by other Crewmates as well and hence they will be keeping an eye on these vents.

So make sure that move through vents with caution! You can check the Among Us Maps – An Ultimate Guide to know all about the vent system.

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I hope with the help of the above guide, you all could easily understand how to be a Smooth Imposter in Among Us.

In case of any doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.  Also, don’t hesitate to share your special strategies down below!

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Happy Gaming:-)

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