Here’s how you can Unlock 1080p on YouTube without VPN

Unlock 1080p on YouTube: YouTube is world’s one of the most used apps. You will find videos related to almost everything on YouTube. Over millions of users daily use the YouTube app for viewing various videos. However, YouTube has put restrictions on the quality of videos at least 480p.

This means that you cannot view a quality higher than 480p on mobile app of YouTube. Sad, isn’t it? But there’s nothing to be sad about anymore.

No, the restriction still applies and users cannot view quality higher than 480p on mobile YouTube app. But we have a workaround for you that will help you Unlock 1080p on YouTube and that to without using VPN!

In this article, we are sharing with you all the method you can use to Unlock 1080p on YouTube without VPN! So now you will not be stuck at 480p on YouTube mobile app. You can watch videos at as high as 1080p on YouTube Mobile app.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos at 1080p on mobile?

Here’s how you can Unlock 1080p on YouTube without VPN and root!

Download YouTube Vanced Apk

To watch 1080p quality Videos on YouTube, you will have to download the YouTube Vanced apk application which will let you watch YouTube videos at higher quality than 480p.

But if you have already downloaded Vanced apk on your device, simply scroll down to the “How to Unlock 1080p on YouTube” section and follow the easy steps.

The amazing part about this app is that, it not only allows you to watch YouTube videos in 1080p quality, but also offers ads blocking as well as Background Plaback! So what are you thinking about? Click on the below link and download YouTube Vanced apk.

YouTube Vanced Apk Latest Download

YouTube Vanced Manager apk

Install YouTube Vanced Apk

After downloading, just like any other apk, you will have to install YouTube Vanced Manager Apk. Then you will have to install MicroG and then Vanced Apk. Simply follow the below steps if you are confused.

  • On your Android device, Go to Settings> Security > Installation from Unknown sources > Enable installation from Unknown sources.
  • Tap on the YouTube Vanced Manager apk downloaded file.
  • You will see the install option below. Tap on Install.
  • Soon the app will be installed on your Android device.
  • Once the app has been installed, launch it.
  • Select “Non root” present on the top of the screen.
  • Now next to the MicroG, you will see Install option. Tap on it.
  • Once MicroG is installed, tap on the  install option present next to Vanced Apk.
  • Choose the theme you want, hit next. Then select the Language and hit Finish.
  • Soon Vanced apk will install on your device.

Once Vanced apk is installed, you are all set to watch YouTube videos in 1080p quality using the below method –

How to Unlock 1080p on YouTube ?

Follow the below easy steps to bypass 480p restriction on YouTube.

  • Once you have installed Vanced apk, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Scroll down until you see “Hidden Menu is visible” message.
  • Now go to Codec Override> Override Model and enter the model number of any tablet. You can enter the model number of any tab that you want.

Once you have done this, simply restart the app. You will see that you have now unlocked 1080p on YouTube.

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