Headspace offers FREE meditation services to unemployed Americans

Along with the health care crisis, COVID-19 has brought with itself an economic crisis due to the shutdown of all non-essential businesses and industry. With lockdowns in every country of the world, unemployment rates continue to skyrocket. Millions of people in the US have been laid off or furloughed leading to anxiety, tension, and due stress amongst the citizens.



Headspace, officially launched in 2010, is an application that has a singular mission of improving the health and happiness of our world. It is a widespread app acknowledged for its guided audio meditation field. Their services normally cost $12.99/month or $69.99/year, but pertaining to the current situation Headspace decided to offer a one-year subscription for Headspace Plus to anyone who lost their job, in the US.

The premium package includes a library of guided meditations and courses, mini-meditations, Sleep by Headspace content, at-home workouts, guided runs, Wake-Up video series, animation guides, and much more.

According to Headspace, 59% of Americans believe mental health is ‘more important’ in these times. They have also made their meditation and sleep exercise available for free to anyone residing in New York, one of the hardest-hit states. And being very thoughtful they have made Headspace Plus access free throughout 2020 for all US health professionals working in public health settings.


How does the subscription work?

Anyone who qualifies can visit Headspace.com/unemployed to register. You will be requested to provide information that confirms your employment status, so make sure you provide very accurate and precise information.

This includes the name of your most recent employer and your last date of employment. If they decide your information is complete and you are eligible, you will be able to avail of over 1,200 hours of meditation and mindfulness content, including sleep aids, kids’ content, and mindful movement.The application is available for both Android and iOS.

An overview of the matter

This is indeed a great initiative by the makers of this application. Meditations and these mental exercises may not bring your job back, but they will surely help you deal with the stress and anxiety levels.

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