Has Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One ahead of Series X?

With all the chaos going around right now because of the non-availibility of Xbox One, the question arises – Has Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One for Upcoming Series X?

Apparently there have been reports from all around the globe regarding the unavailable Xbox One and Xbox One X. According to GameIndustry.biz, numerous gaming shops like JB HiFi, EB games are not able to order Xbox One consoles.


Even Amazon traders have listed them as “Discontinued”. On the Amazon US, numerous retailers have shown that the Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has been discontinued.

In case of India, both the Xbox One and Xbox One S are available on Flipkart as well as Amazon. Microsoft, however, doesn’t sell in India so its still confusing of these are the remaining units left.


So the question still remains, Has Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One for Upcoming Xbox Series X?

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To the above image, Xbox console business planning lead Dan Tavares addressed that this was simply a blunder made by Amazon and Xbox One S is still available. But there was now mention of other Xbox one consoles. So this has further added to the confusion.

The same person also mentioned that due to currently prevailing Covid-9 conditions and worldwide lockdowns due to the pandemic, there has been a huge demand for Xbox One Consoles. This seems satisfactory.

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But again, even if Microsoft is meeting this huge demand, is it really possible to manufacture all the Xbox One Consoles along with the upcoming Xbox Series X and the rumored Xbox Lockhart?

So whatever the reason, even if it’s pretty clear, Xbox one, Xbox One X and Xbox One S now seem to have been discontinued by Microsoft.

But we never know what plot twist can come up next. So stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on this and many more such interesting stories.

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