Hands on: Amazon’s Compact Echo Show 5 smart display

Amazon recently launched Echo Show 5 in reply to Lenovo’s Smart Clock. The company announced that it would be much cheaper than other Alexa-equipped smart displays.

The Echo Show 5 is no different from its siblings. Give any command, whatever you may think of, it will accept it, and some that only work with a Show or spot, such as viewing compatible security cameras or watching prime video. Some non-specific commands, such as recipes or weather, are enhanced by extra information.

The Echo Show 5 is quite literally a smaller version of the Echo Show that Amazon released last year. It has a rectangular wedge shape that houses a 5.5-inch screen, which offers a resolution of 960×480 in full and a single small speaker. The full-size Echo Show obviously has more speakers that are better and louder, but you would never want to put one on your nightstand. The 5 also has a camera for video calls which can be shut as it is equipped with physical camera shutter, and there is also an option of mute in the mic.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 isn’t quite as good as the Google Nest Hub, but it’s solid smart display is particularly compelling for a smart alarm clock. Having said that, the Show 5 definitely wins in one category i.e video.

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