Halo Master chief’s view on Halo IGN character origin

Halo says in his view on Halo IGN Character, anime figure Master Chief almost had a very different design. Since its launch in 2001’s game Halo Combat Evoked, Master Chief has become a perpetual figure in 21st-century pop-culture. And also continued to be dignified as a very important video game protagonist.

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But developers of the game claim that his design could have ended up being completely different based on its initial test iterations. But co-creator of Halo, Marcus Lehto, didn’t want it any other way and was mainly responsible for choosing the final design which we see in the game today.

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In a recent interview with IGN, he disclosed the process which led to Master Chiefs creation.

Halo’s IGN Unfiltered

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Master Chief’s interview on Halo IGN Character & IGN unfiltered

In the interview, he recollects on Halo  IGN Character, how Halo was initially a two-person team, him and Jason Jones. In those times, while working on sci-fi strategy titles he recalls that they named a character ‘The Super Soldier’ which was the foundation on which Master Chief was built.

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Advancing into the creation, they built a vehicle for him, that eventually took the shape of Warthog, alongside this they beefed up the characters’ design by switching to a third-person camera.

Latho tells IGN that through that time frame, they were able to evolve Master Chief from its initial simple block model to something that looked more like an armoured ‘Super Soldier’.

Origin of Halo’s IGN character

But there was also a very different iteration of Master Chief which were run initially and could have made it to the final game if things had been different. Shi Kai Wang, the concept artist at that time had worked up some anime-inspired designs.

On these concepts, Letho built a slender and agile looking character. This character was later showcased in the Macworld demo but didn’t make it to final approval.

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An overview of the matter

Letho always had in mind that Master Chief “needed to look like a tank that could take on an entire army” and so that how out enduring Master Chief won out to be what it is today.

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That was all about Halo Master chiefs view on Halo IGN Character.

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