How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain Easily

Google Play Services Battery Drain: Google Play services is a very important application service as it plays a significant in the functioning of the Android device. Not so popularly known but this keeps running in the background to maintain the performance standards from time to time. It also does the job of coordination as it coordinates the authentication processes, all the privacy settings and syncing contact numbers as well.

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As talked about the good or positive angle, it also has its own drawbacks as it keeps running in the background for the performance at the same time it keeps affecting the battery life as well. So this has been a huge problem for most of the users as well. So let us have a look at different methods available on how to fix the Google Play Services Battery Drain. So without any more delay let us get started.


Method 1: Turn Off Location Services for Certain apps to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain 

Step 1: Initial you have to go to Settings and then select Apps.

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Step 2: Then you must tap on the Manage Applications option and then look for the app that is causing you the trouble and select it. In our case, it is Google Play Services.

Step 3: Now you have to select the Permissions option and then check if Location syncing toggle is turned on or not. 

Step 4: If turned on then turn it off immediately. This to a major extent helps you with reducing the battery drain issue. 

Method 2: Remove all re-add all your Accounts to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain 

Step 1: First you have to select Settings and then look for Accounts and Sync option and click on it.

Step 2: Now you must click on Google and then upon selecting that you can find all the accounts that you have linked your Android device with.

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Step 3: Before going further make sure you have all the credentials of all the accounts you are removing in order to avoid any problems in future. 

Step 4: Then you have to select the account and then click on More option. Then tap on the Remove account and then do the same for the other accounts as well.

Step 5: Then in order to remove Application Accounts and then click on the App of which you want to remove the account and then press on More button.

Step 6: Then at last select Remove Account and upon doing the same your job is done.

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Step 7: After that to add back your accounts go to Setting and then click on Accounts and Sync and then scroll down till you find Add Account and then simply add back.

Method 3: Fix Sync Errors

Sync errors are those which arise when Google Play Services try to sync data but then due to some error in between does not succeed in syncing. So in order to solve the same, you may have to change your contact numbers, Gmail account and calendar and also if any emojis or stickers next to your contact name then you may have to remove that as well.

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