Google Pixel 4XL Users Report Rear Glass Panel Peeling off

Google Pixel 4XL users have been reporting Rear Glass Panel peeling off. The issue could be raising because of swollen battery which in turn is a result of faulty battery connector.

Google is indeed one of the most popular companies out there who have served people right. However, when it comes to the Pixel Series, especially its hardware, Google seems to be somewhat infamous. The issues with Pixel phones and their hardware parts isn’t new.

Especially the one with Google Pixel 4XL Rear glass panel peeling off. However, it seems to have come into the limelight now. As many users have been reporting the Rear glass peeling off the Pixel 4XL. One such Report is mentioned below by a Reddit User –

I’ve had my 4XL since it released and only now do I realize the back panel is slowly coming off. Its like the glue is weakening and the parts are slowly separating. It’s starting at the top right corner (when you look at the back of the phone)


This issue is no new and many have already tried methods like gluing back the rear glass panel, but to no vain. The issue seems to be much more than some glue fix.

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As a result of which many Pixel 4XL users have replaced the faulty units with new ones from Google and claim that this fix is worth a try and does not even cost much. So if your Pixel 4XL is in a bad state, it will be a good idea to get it replaced by a new errorless unit.

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Another Reddit user, who claims to be the manager of a uBreakiFix store, Google’s Repair partner has cleared the air by stating that the issue could be a result of faulty battery connector.

As many other users have also reported battery swelling, this is a matter of serious concern since battery could also mean fire hazards. So if you have Pixel 4 XL and are facing any such issues, we recommend you taking it seriously and following appropriate steps.

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What’s the Solution ?

To fix the Pixel 4XL Rear glass panel peeling off, what definitely doesn’t help is gluing it.

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But what you could try of the issue gets pit of hand is contact Google Support and ask for a replacement of the device. If your device is enrolled under device protection, a claim can be filed for you to see if the damage to the device is covered under device protection.

If your claim is covered and your damaged device is replaced, You will be charged a nonrefundable deductible on your next Google Fi monthly bill. The deductible for your device is – $99 for Pixel 4 XL.

Once you complete your replacement order, you’ll  be sent a replacement device. That’s how easy it is.

Stay tuned with us for more such updates on this story!

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