Google Pixel 3a Black Screen issue after overnight charging

Most of us, in this busy world, tend to put our mobile phones on sleep and recharging mode when we do so. But what we forget is that overnight charging actually causes issues to our devices. Let us take for an instance the very recent-Google Pixel 3a Black Screen issue after overnight charging.

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A user on reddit shared a video wherein his Google Pixel 3a displayed black screen after overnight charging. The user stated that his Pixel 3a screen turned black or unresponsive when he charged his device overnight. The phone is generally working as the Alarm or notifications are still active. However, the screen does not wake up.


When pressed the power button twice on Google Pixel 3a, the camera opens. The issue isn’t an everyday thing but does happen frequently. Uninstalling apps that consume more battery power could help.

Here is a screenshot of the Reddit post by Helicon9 that reported the Google Pixel 3a Black Screen issue after overnight charging –


Another user – Throwawayrelay2 has shared a response-

Yes i’m having the same issue on my pixel 3. It started roughly 5/6 days ago and has been happening to me every morning. I’ve tried unistalling recently installed apps but I am still getting that bug. I have also tried to replicate the issue during daytime, however for whatever reason the bug only happens during night time.

Another user, Theneostormz, shared a post wondering I it was because of a recent update –

This happened to my phone yesterday for the first time. Rebooted it and suddenly it worked again.
Maybe a bug with the lastest update?

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How to fix Google Pixel 3a Black Screen issue after overnight charging?

Restart. This workaround, although very easy and working, restarting Pixel 3a only solves the issue until the next time. So you will have to be very careful with the charging pattern of your Pixel 3a.

Factory Reset. This tends to be a panacea and work most of the times. However, we would recommend you to keep this as a last option.

There hasn’t been any addressing done by Google as of now. But a number of users are talking it to Reddit and similar platforms and hence a response can be expected soon.

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