Google Pixel 3 Bluetooth Stopped working; No fix yet

Google is well known for its security services and policies. The company takes numerous precautions on a daily basis to deal with errors, bugs, and whatnot.

However, the very careful platform is itself facing a bug that hasn’t been resolved until now. It’s been quite long since the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices have started receiving the “Bluetooth keeps stopping” error message when a user tries to use Bluetooth. This is quite major since Bluetooth forms a significant feature of any device.


This error is only increasing over time and users are frustrated. What’s worse is that Google has not yet been able to solve the issue. And neither have they shared any official workaround for this error. To top it off, none of the panaceas are proving to work to solve this issue.

What is NOT helping to solve “Bluetooth keeps stopping ” error on Google Pixel 3?

Here are a few common workarounds which are not helping to solve the Bluetooth error on Pixel 3 –

  • Restarting Pixel 3.
  • Toggling Airplane mode.
  • Resetting Google Pixel 3.
  • Clearing cache of Bluetooth.
  • Shifting to safe mode to find any culprit app.
  • Uninstalling any newly installed app.

So basically nothing’s helping. And the worst is here – according to many users, if Bluetooth stops, it eventually affects the working of the mobile networks as well as WiFi. This sure has turned annoying for many Pixel 3 users. Take a look at the report below –

Here is a report from a Google Pixel 3 user which elaborates the “Bluetooth keeps stopping” error message –


Here is another comment from a user on the Google Pixel 3 Bluetooth Error –

I’m dealing with the exact same thing on my Pixel 3. Ever since the January or February update, it keeps telling me “Bluetooth has stopped working”. If I don’t dismiss the message then I eventually have to click through a hundred of the same dialog before I can use my phone again.

No amount of cache/storage cleaning, safe mode booting, or factory resetting has resolved this for me.
My warranty was up in December, which is convenient for them and frustrating for me. If Google doesn’t find a fix for this soon, then you can be sure this is the last Pixel I purchase.
That’s all we Have for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this story. We will let you know when a fix for the “Bluetooth keeps Stopping” error is found.
Stay home, Stay Safe.
Happy Androiding:-)

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