Google Maps now Show Cycling Routes for Bikeshare Users

With a new update, Google Maps now Show Cycling Routes for Bikeshare Users using docked bike-sharing schemes. The Cycling routes are currently available for over 10 Cities across the world.

With the currently prevailing Pandemic conditions of Covid-19 all across the globe, it is certain that people are looking to avoid social interaction and maintain distance. Public transport is one such strictly avoidable threat and in a view of it, many countries as well as people are looking for alternatives to public transport, yet affordable like Cycling.


One major proof of this demand comes from Google, who claims that there has been over 69% increase in the amount of requests for cycling directions made via Maps. And as well all know how concerned and serious Google is when it comes to customer service, from today onwards, Google Maps will point users to bike-sharing locations.

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With this latest Update, Google Maps Show Cycling Routes. Google Maps will combine both walking as well as biking directions so as to offer an end-to-end navigation between docked bikeshare locations.


In order to use a bikeshare, the user will  have to create 3 individual trips as below –

  1. To the first bikeshare to pick up a bike
  2. Next to the bikeshare drop-off point
  3. Final one taking the walking directions to their final destination.

Google Maps will also offer links right form the Maps, that will take you to the relevant bikeshare mobile app so as to book and unlock the bike.

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As of now, the end-to-end directions that include docked bikeshare information is available for over 10 cities across the world which include –

  1. Chicago
  2. New York City
  3. the San Francisco Bay Area
  4. Washington, DC
  5. London
  6. Mexico City
  7. Montreal
  8. Rio De Janeiro
  9. São Paulo
  10. Taipei and New Taipei City .

Certainly with time, more cities will be added to this list. It will not take more than a few weeks for the feature to come to the above listed cities as well.

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Happy Cycling:-)

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