Google loses ownership over, Indian Bloggers face issues accessing blogs

Reports have stated that Google has LOST its Ownership over the domain – “”, which has further created issues for many bloggers. is the Google owned or more precisely, was the Google Owned blogging website which was previously known as “Blogger”. This has been under Google’s ownership for over 17 years now. Blogspot has been a great place for all the bloggers to start off and many certainly depend on it for their livelihood.

However, is just a country specific blog address but not a completely different blog than such blogs are often given country Specific domains so as to keep up with the local laws of that nation. So basically, the blog simply redirects to the country specific domain when a user of a certain country uses it.

And this is what’s causing issues in India and Among Indian Bloggers. As Google had lost its ownership over Indian URL of which is, bloggers in India are facing an issue while starting their blog with the domain.

Bloggers across the India have been facing issues with accessing their Blog on as Google has lost its Ownership over the domain/URl – This issue has created havoc among the bloggers.

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The issues has resulted into many bloggers in India being unable to access their blogs. And many have also reported to be facing issues in opening their blog.

But what’s even more weird is that, users are able to access their blog when they change the URL from to

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According  to the report from Next Web, Google has lost its Ownership over and no one knows when. Nonetheless, for now users can use their blogs with domain.

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