Google Keyboard adds New Quick-access Emoji bar at the Top; Download GBoard apk to use

The much awaited GBoard feature is here at last! Finally Google KeyBoard adds New Quick-access Emoji bar at the Top for the GBoard Android beta version. To use this feature, you can also download GBoard Apk. 

First and foremost, Happy World Emoji Day!

Might seem weird to many but you have to agree, Emojis have added a whole new aspect of messaging and texting. A picture says a thousand words, they say. And emojis just prove this right. Emojis are the best way to Express a lot with a few taps.

Considering their importance, on this day, Apple has added some new emojis to the pack. But how will Google Stay behind? To probably celebrate World emoji day, Google has finally added the much awaited Quick Access Emoji bar on the top of the Google Keyboard. This cool feature is however limited to the beta version of Android app.


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Now it’s nothing new to say how much helpful and amazing Google Keyboard or GBoard is. The Another great app from Google, let’s users text with English as well as another language. the language options vary and this helps users who cannot understand English, type in their own language. GBoard is available for both iOS as well as Android.

However, just as anything has flaws, GBoard too lacked one really important feature, which its had been working for quite some time now. Google Keyboard lacked a Quick-access emoji bar on its keyboard. But now finally we can all easily use the GBoard with its Quick Access emoji bar at the top in the Android beta version of GBoard.


For the general users, the emojis have to be accessed by pressing down the emoji button also present as “,” comma button. Then you could access the various emojis. But with the latest update in the beta GBoard version, the emoji bar is present on the top of the keyboard and you all have to do is tap on the emojis you want to use!

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If you are not enrolled for the Beta version of GBoard, the you will not receive this latest Update. But you can wait for a little while until the beta testing is done and then use the latest feature.

Or you can also download GBoard Apk from below and use the Emoji Bar for quick access from the GBoard without having to press and hold down any keys.

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Download GBoard Apk for Android

Download GBOARD Beta Apk Android

I hope the article was useful. Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

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Happy World Emoji Day!

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