Google Home now lets users customize device type a Smart Plug controls for Android and iOS

Finally now Google Home will let its  users customize the type of device a Smart Plug controls for Android as well as iOS devices. 

It doesnt matter if your device isn’t smart. If you have a smart plug, it won’t even matter. A smart plug makes your device even more smart. Whatever the device might then be – coffee maker, toaster, or even a lamp.

A smart plug outlet would not know what was plugged in it. Hence, for the Google Home app, users would simply see a general logo for connected smart plug. However, later on the Google Home app started showing specific icons for the device connected like a bulb icon for a lamp or bulb.


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The series regarding Smart plug didn’t just end here. Now Google Home lets the user customize the device type a Smart Plug controls. Basically, one can now change the device type through an additional option in the Google Home app on Android and iOS. This feature was earlier available for iOS but now it has been extended to Android as well.

This feature was rolled out for iOS a week ago and now even Android users can use it. The feature has just started to roll out and hence might take some time before coming to you.

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How to Customize the type of device Smart Plug Controls on Google Home?

  • If you want to see if your device has got this feature, you can simply go to the Google Home app.
  • Then choose a smart outlet.
  • Now navigate to the settings.
  • You will see a new Type otpion.
  • Choose it, and you will come across a list of popular device types. Like the ones below –

Google-home-smart-plug-controlGoogle Home now lets users customize device type a Smart Plug controls for Android and iOS

  • When you have chosen a device type, you will be asked to rename the device.
  • At last, you will find the new device icon in the Google Home app.

That’s how easy it is to customize device type a Smart Plug controls. The procedure makes it easy for Google Assistant to pick up your commands easily and with more accuracy.

Based on the names you alot, Google Assistant will understand your voice commands. For instance, if you tell it to “turn on the TV,” it will automatically include any smart outlets labeled as smart TV.

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That’s all we have for now. I hope you have found the article of use. stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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