Google confirms Face Unlock and Soil Gesture for Pixel 4

Last month Google had almost everyone shock with its Google Pixel 4 design leaked on Twitter. And now with more revelations Google has confirmed the very spread rumor – Face Unlock and Soil Gesture for Pixel 4. So now it is confirmed that we are having the Face Unlock as well as Soil Gesture in the Pixel 4.

Google confirms Face Unlock and Soil Gesture for Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 was rumored to have these two features and now it has been confimed. Along with that we are also getting the soil featured Motion Sense that has been developed by the ATAP Team.

This feature has some motion sensing air gestures. This motion will be at the top of the device and will be responsible for noticing small gestures around it.

This motion along with the software algorithms, will recognize particular gestures like snoozing alarms, ignoring phone calls,  skipping songs, etc.

However, this features is likely to be restricted in the countries selected by Pixel because of the obstacles in the approval of radar frequency that Soil uses.

Now coming to the second major feature, the Face Unlock by Pixel for its Google Pixel 4 device  is going to be very peculiar as compared to other Pixel  devices.

In the Pixel 4, we are having a Face Unlock that will be powered by Soil and unlike the usual, you do nor have to get the phone up to make it recognize your face but the sensor will automatically recognize you face while you are taking it with your hand.

The image data will not be saved by Google on any of their other devices but on the Titan M Security Chip. Thus this tight security has made Pixel 4 absolutely safe for Payments and other stuff.

Just one drawback, there is no wide angel selfie camera in the Pixel 4 as the space has been taken over by the Soil powered Face Unlock and Motion Sensor.

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