Download Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8

Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8: After years going with mediocre looks and boring designs, Xiaomi has finally adopted and introduced premium-looks to its Note line-up with its Redmi Note 8 series. The device has come with four cameras and a new SoC which on paper sounds like a good deal for the price, but when it comes to the real-world usage scenarios, things kick-off a bit sad. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, despite having strong camera’s the Note 8 fails to impress due to its camera optimization.

But what if I tell you that you can bump up the camera quality just by installing a new camera mod? Yes, you got me right! I am talking about the Google Camera! Not just any GCam, I am talking about fully-working latest Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8.

Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8

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Google Camera, as you might already know is one of the most finest camera mods available for any Android device. The features of Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8 include:

  • Revamped UI elements and icons.
  • Revamped settings UI.
  • Everything on the fingertips.
  • Mod Enables the DND mode automatically while shooting a video.
  • Change video resolutions from the dashboard itself.
  • You can now shoot in cinematic 24FPS.
  • Shoot in 4K 60 FPS on Capable devices.
  • Exposure controls to regulate the brightness
  • High-Dynamic range that drastically improve the image processing and results.
  • The Frequent faces feature from Pixel devices which will help you to capture the Top Shot photos.
  • Touch and Hold way to capture the top shot images.
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Download Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8

   DOWNLOAD GCAM 7.4 FOR Redmi Note 8

Firstly download the GCam 7.4 for Redmi Note 8 from the downloads.

  1. By the time it downloads, make sure that you uninstall any older versions of Gcam, if installed. This version can install as an update over a few dev’s versions, but it is always recommended to uninstall first
  2. Once the application downloaded, install it. Whatever the permissions it asks like enable installation from certain apps or whatsoever, enable it.
  3. That is it! Now, you have successfully installed the Google Camera for Redmi Note 8.

Now, this is how you can Download Google Camera 7.4 for Redmi Note 8. If this post helped you to download and install GCam 7.4 for Redmi Note 8, show us some love by sharing this article with your friends and family to whom this post can be useful.

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