Gmail Spam filter Fixed after glitches reported

GMail Spam Filter Repaired: Gmail has an option of spamming mails to protect its users. The spam filters are extremely important in order to protect an individual every day from unwanted messages.

But hardly people do know the system or the technology behind its working. There is an algorithm in a way how it works but users are still unable to understand its method.

Gmail Spam filter Fixed after glitches reported

When this algorithm tends to break, the users then will notice how their inbox gets filled with all the unwanted messages that they wished never came to their main inbox.

There has been an experience among some Gmail users about the Google spam filters. Google has now confirmed that the bank for the spam filters are now fixed and it works properly.

Recently there have been a lot of tweets over several countries, which have reported about the issues of Gmail spam Filter.

Similar stories have also been reported via the platform of Reddit, where people are complaining about the issues and have now come to the conclusion that the issue has been fixed although some are still receiving the spam.

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Google too has made a formal announcement about the updates of resolving this issue. This was mainly due to its disruption in the G suite dashboard which had concerns that some users’ problems were with delayed sending and receiving of email.

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This was mainly due to the concern of spam messages. People were complaining about how many promotional and spam messages were now coming in their main inbox which people found to be irritating.

These issues were not occurring earlier and have been lately occurring. Although this Gmail Spam Filter issue for some people had been fixed, it was still appearing in the inboxes of other people.

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Google had to completely look through this issue and do a proper search of its whole system and fix its algorithm.

There have been formal announcements from a spokesperson of Google saying that the issue has been identified and has been fixed. They had to scan the filter malware so that no spam and harmful content would remain operational.

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The Gmail users will be now in a protected environment and they should download links that are required for their security. There was also no compromise on any of the accounts.

This article hopes to clear the concept of people who are facing such issues. It has become a common issue for everybody throughout the world. It is requested that people check their inbox and have proper security systems installed so there is no harm inflicted.

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