How to Get Free Internet at Home without paying Anything

Get Free Internet at Home without paying: It is a known fact that it is not that onerous a job to find internet service providers these days, but it is also a prized fact that it has become very hard to seek for the ones that are into providing the internet for free. Internet has become a traditional thing in the modern world. The prices of the internet has bumped up and so did the need for it. Therefore not all needy people are able to avail the services of the internet. 

Now, this has directed to more and more people craving for the internet, that too for free. But there is not a lot of awareness as in which are all the company’s or organisations you can call are providing the free internet. Yes, as mentioned earlier, it is a very hard job finding the free internet providers, but not to us. Hence we compiled a few methods of how to get free Internet at home without paying anything.

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Method 1: Use NetZero to Get Free Internet at Home without paying Anything

NetZero is in existence since 1988 and it has been an internet service provider ever since. One can access the NetZero internet by using the downloaded software instead of mobile routers. Note that the free internet that is being given by the NetZero is restricted to only 10 hours per month. 

Mobile Data Plans

  1. 200MB is being offered free of cost for one month.
  2. 500MB of data at $17 per month.
  3. 1GB of data at $27 per month. 
  4. 2GB of data at $42 per month.

Method 2: Check with your service providers for Free Internet

The major problem these days being that most of the users of the internet are not aware that their subscriber provides free internet as well. So some of them don’t give free but reduce the cost of the plans to attract more attention as well. But note that these kinds of broadband service providers give a relatively higher speed of the internet as compared to the free ones.

Note that if you want to increase your chances to Get Free Internet at Home without paying Anything then you have to bundle services with ISPs. Already most of the leading ones have already bundled the internet service providers with TV, mobiles, and also the internet as well. 

Method 3: Search for a Municipal Wireless Network in your Area

As we all know that there are many service providers out there across the globe that provide free wifi facilities. Most of them use citywide networks like the ones from the government offices, enterprises where they take WiFi connections from such places and provide them to the whole city thereby reaching out to the thick and thin of the country. Note that these networks are not available everywhere, they are only available in the metropolitan areas where most of the population has resided. But there is nothing to worry as slowly all the remaining areas are also picking up the idea.

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