Genshin Impact Calla Lily Location Guide

Genshin Impact Calla Lily Location Guide: Genshin Impact is one the finest and most played game in the recent times. If you are wondering why, well, there is a lot to do in this game. The game’s map is massive and there is a lot of you to explore here. With that said, let us now get into our main topic, which is… where to find Genshin Impact Calla Lily location. In this guide, let us discuss everything about Calla Lily and its location in detail.

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Genshin Impact Calla Lily Location Guide

Just like the Lotus heads, you can easily find the Call Lily near the water bodies. Also note that touring to Mondstadt will give a lot of bounty of this resource since it is the speciality of the location. To be much clear, you can also visit Springvale which is south of Mondstadt, it is near the waypoint and you can get this item near the pond.


The location which is circled on the map above is where you can farm it efficiently and you will see around 15 of them at the same time. If that is not enough, you can check any other place in Mondstadt, especially around the lake areas. Next up, navigate to Dadaupa Gorge and look for some more flowers here too.

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If you wondering how you can use them, you can simply use them for crafting a certain item. The usage here also extends up to character ascension. Also, it is worth noting that Calla Lily seafood soup needs 4 crab, 2 mint, and 1 calla lily. As long as the character ascension of Kaeya is concerned, you will also need Treasure Hoarder Insignia and Shivada Jade Sliver.

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