5 Best Free Government Smartphones 2021

Free Government Smartphones: As we all know, we are living in the smartphone generation where we literally depend on it to perform even the day-to-day activities. We are so ancillary on it that we literally have nothing to remember and this in most of the days is a good thing. But then again, due to any reason that you are not able to access your phone, then that is where the dilemma occurs. 

Phones have become so important that they are being referred to as basic necessities. In the United States, low-income families and senior citizens are provided with free cell phones, and not just that, now a lot of schemes are available, if you want to get laptops for free, mobile internet or home internet and cable for free too.

So now people though have the need, do not have enough money to buy smartphones. Now, that is where the programs like free smartphones for low-income come in. In programs as such, they provide Best Free Government Smartphones. Now while you are considering getting one of these smartphones under Free Government Smartphones program, let us quickly discuss our pick of the top 5 Best Free Government Smartphones 2021.

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Best Free Government Smartphones Companies 2021

1. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is a company based in New York, Lowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. This company though is currently not in the big leagues, it is just based in the small ones with a limited capacity. So due to the limited capacity, the people who would want to enroll might have to bear some costs as well in the form of Application fees. Verizon Wireless makes into the first place in our list of Best FFree Government Smartphones.

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The main motive though here is to make the Smartphones are made available to the low-income families. It is also to be noted that there are some restrictions in a place like only one landline per household.

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a service provider that is currently being provided in around 41 states which are probably on par in major competitors as well. Though depending on the state they keep changing the plans as well. One can get unlimited talk time, unlimited text, and also 50 MB of data as well. 

Talking about this company’s current position this is the second-largest company in terms of providing Smartphones.  So for one to avail of this scheme, the household income should be between 135% – 150% of the federal poverty level.

3. Access Wireless

Talking about the Best Free Government Smartphones, the Access Wireless is definitely a major one among the others. Talking about places like Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, and Colorado. So in all the states apart from California, one can get a free smartphone, 250 voice minutes, and also unlimited texts per month as well.

So in this plan, there is a Free Talk 7 Data Plan where one can get 500 MB data, unlimited texts, and also 100 voice minutes as well per month. 

4. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile offers free smartphones to around 19 states across the US. Especially talking about the state of California the receiver gets a Smartphone, along with it unlimited minutes on voice and also unlimited texting with 2 GB of data along with it. Now that is why Tag Mobile makes it to the list of our Best Free Government Smartphones. 

They also get 750 free voice minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data. Also in case, you get a SIM plan you get free 2Gb as well from the Tag Mobiles. Alo if you apply for a Smartphoesn you get 1GB of data.

5. TelAlaska 

As the name suggests TelAlaska offers services only in Alaska only. This company as part of their program provide free smartphone, unlimited texting, and also 400 minutes for long-distance calls along with free nationwide text managing as well.

So in order to qualify for a Government free Smartphone one must meet the federal requirements which are in line with TelAlaska wireless as well. Also on top of that whoever wants to enrol one must do some research as well on the company and compare with competitors and tell the company about their weakness.

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