Fortnite might not work after updating to iOS 14; Epic Warns

Fortnite might not work after updating to iOS 14: “Fortnite iOS players updating to iOS 14 may lose access to Fortnite”- says Epic Games. After the audacious decision of adding its own payment system to the game, Fortnite was now removed from both Play Store and the App Store. As a result, the new iPhone users cannot install Fortnite from App Store. Now, the company took it Twitter warning its players that updating to iOS 14 might cause Fortnite to be uninstalled.

If you see a pop-up that requests you to temporarily remove apps to install a software update, it is best not to accept it. If you do, there are chances that Fortnite will be the app that will get unintalled, but the chances that you download it again are very less. The official recommendation is that you will to iPhone Storage and free up the space. The legal disputes between Apple and Epic games is still on fire and when Epic tried to bypass the 30% fee changed by Apple and Google developers, the Fortnite was officially removed from Play Store and App Store.

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Fortnite might not work after updating to iOS 14: Spotify, Tinder, and Epic Games Forms an Alliance to tackle Apple’s Policies

Spotify, Match Group, and Epic Games formed a non-profit organization to advocate legal and regulatory actions to challenge Apple’s App Store policies. Apple charges 15-30% commisions for apps that use its in-app payment system and furthermore, apps must abide by these rules to appear in its App Store. The App Store allows the consumers to download local apps on App Store and these practices have aroused cristicsm from some developers and let to some law suits.

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The App Fair alliance is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC and Brussels. The organization says it plans to advocate legal chnges to force to Apple change its policies. Leaving that story behind, if you still want to download Fortnite on iOS, do not worry. We got you covered.

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