Former Luminosity Fortnite Players announce new team – “One Percent”

Former Luminosity Fortnite Players the heartthrobs, Alex “Formula”, Kushelevskiy and Kiwiz, having huge following on Social media have left Fornite organization to form a new one -“One Percent”.

The news of the Luminosity Fortnite Players leaving the Lumiousiity Gaming Fortnite made the headlines later in June. If you weren’t aware, Luminosity Gaming is a subsidiary of Enthusiast Gaming that operates and owns Daily Esports. They left the organisation claiming to form one of their own independently.

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The list of players who left included the heartthrobs, Alex “Formula”, Kushelevskiy and Kiwiz, who had millions of followers on their social media.


Speculation about their reason to leave keeps surfing where some believe the reason for starting their own and others disagreeing that it is the only reason.

Well, only the players can clarify this. However, this long discussion was put to end when the players announced the name of their new team, “One Percent”.

This announcement created quite a breakthrough owing to all the speculations going on about the former Fortnite players. Further, the players teased the audience a lot about this new team before finally given away the first piece of information.

All the build-up and anticipation were worth it as it seems! The organization consists of six of the firmware Luminosity Fornite members and has been named “One Percent” at the moment.

But to not be a killjoy and give their fans a little more of this team, the crew of One Percent launched a new official YouTube channel for the team. They released their first video showing the new team house to their fans.

The team house is a multi-million dollar gigantic mansion which the player claim to have brought from their own money with no help from around. Should have costed a fortune indeed!

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Reports state that the team is yet to sign-up deals with sponsors but for all we know, there must be a line-up of sponsors for these famous stars. But the team house isn’t the only thing to hover about and around, the One Percent team launched their own apparel store as well! Yes, you heard it right!

The former Luminosity Fortnite players team has launched its apparel so that their fans can have a piece of them to rejoice. These people are proving to their fandom that the wait was worth it.

However, only limited stocks of the apparels will be available as of now for three days starting from July 5t to July 8th. So make sure you get yours in the upcoming days!

Everything is much to remain the same in the game apart from the fact that now these players will represent the tag One Percent instead of Lumonisiy. No lagging in performance and results is assured by the players and the fans believe in them.

Here is a list of the team members playing on this team- Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Razz, Aeolus and Randumb. A power-packed team indeed!

As fans, it is your dutiful job to give extended support to their new journey and give them all the love they deserve. Changing teams should not affect the love you have for them.

As for now, this is all that w have got on One Percent. Let’s hope for more from their side soon!

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Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Gamimg!

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