How to Fix PS4 WS-37304-7 Error Easily

Fix PS4 WS-37304-7 Error: Sony’s PlayStation consoles are world-famous. I mean, games are so crazy about these consoles that they end up buying every PlayStation launched and play games on it. Although the latest PlayStation 5 is released in many countries, in India, it is still unavailable. So, we can consider the PlayStation 4 as one of the recent launches from the company.

Now, a lot of users have been facing PS4 WS-37304-7 Error on their consoles and there is no apparent reason for the existence of this issue. based on the review from various players, it is understood that if you are trying to visit the PlayStation store, play online, or if you are in a multiplayer match and got disconnected, you will face the issue. If you try reconnecting a couple of times, you can reconnect but if you fail this guide is for you.


In this post, we will help you PS4 WS-37304-7 Error Easily. Before you start make sure you are connected to a proper network and there is no network congestion from your end. Now that you have verified it, let us quickly get started with the process, shall we?

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Method 1: Keep everything Updated to fix PS4 WS-37304-7 Error

It is recommended to check for any software updates available for your console. If you are much of an offline player rather than online, then the issue is mostly with your software. Do note that this issue also occurs when you do not update your console’s software for a long time.

Method 2: Check for Server Issues to fix PS4 WS-37304-7 Error

As mentioned earlier, sometimes there would be issues from PlayStation network and during those times there are chances that you might face such issues. To check PlayStation servers or Sony servers you can call you can go visit the official Sony Website and follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the PS4 Home Screen
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Network
  4. Select View Status of PlayStation Network services

You can also check the status from your other devices like phones and PCs by visiting this link. (


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