How to Fix FIFA 21 Connection Issues and Errors Easily

Fix FIFA 21 Connection Issues and Errors: FIFA 21 is one of the finest football simulation games which is published by Electronic Arts as a part of FIFA series. To recall, this is the 28th instalment to the FIFA series and the game is recently launched. The game is made available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and X/S, and Google Stadia too. But the launch date for Xbox X, S, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia is unknown.

Now, a lot of players are reporting that they are facing FIFA 21 Connection Issues. Considering this is a new game, connection issues and random errors are expected. The reason for the occurrence of this issue can possibly be due to many of the direct and indirect causes. For starters, the issue can be caused due to the network congestion from your side, account errors, or it might as well be the server issues of EA. Regardless of these reasons, in this article we will help you to fix FIFA 21 connection issues and errors.

Method 1: Verify the Game Servers Status


Just like any other online game, EA Sports has their own website where you can monitor whether or not the game servers are up and running normally. By doing this, one can easily find out whether the issue is from the game’s server or from your side. To check the game server status, you will need to visit the official EA website. Once you visit the page, make sure you click on Green Button which says “Server Status”

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Method 2: Check for Network Congestion to Fix FIFA 21 Connection Issues and Errors

So not just checking for issues or problems in the software or server-side it is advisable to check the issues if any pertaining to the Network side as well. The point is being stressed as it has been observed that the network-related errors are usually missed and also the issues remain intact. So there are generally two things that you would want to look into:

  1. Slow Connection
  2. Intermittent Connection

So in case even your computer or PC or console are not able to have a strong connection with the network then even due to that the Lagging problems could arise. So in order to check the same, it is advisable to perform the speed test in your PC or Xbox and if error is found then contact the relevant party and get it solved.

Now that how you can check for internet congestion and verify the game servers to fix FIFA 21 connection issues and errors. The issue is slowly spreading and a lot of players might face this issue in the future. So if you feel it is worth sharing this post with your friends who play the game, you can consider doing that.

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