How to Find or Track your Stolen Android Phone

Find or Track your Stolen Android Phone: If your Android phone is lost or stolen then you locate your phone using Google’s Find My Device option. It is also to be noted that there are other ways to find or track your stolen Android phone which we will discuss in the guide below. 

Our mobile phones are a very important part of your lives. So much that it can be considered to be an extension of ourselves, all our personal and professional data, access to online accounts, social media handles, contacts, and so much more are enclosed in that little device. Our heart skips a beat even at the thought of losing it.

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However, in spite of taking extreme care and precaution, sometimes you have to part ways with your beloved phone. Chances of bumping into a pickpocket or simply being forgetful and leaving your phone on some counter are subsequently high. 

How to Find or Track your Stolen Android Phone


Method  1: Track your phone with Google’s Find my Device service

As we all know that every Android smartphone can use Google’s Find my Device service from the moment they sign in with their Google Account. It allows you to check the last known location of your device, plays a tone, locks your phone, and even remotely erase all the data on your device. All that you need is a computer or any other smartphone with internet access and log on to FInd my Device website and then sign in to your Google Account. 

  • Tracking your Device –  The main focus of this feature is mainly to know the location of your phone on a map as well. But it is to be noted that your phone needs to be connected to the internet for it to work properly. 
  • Play Sound – You can also use sound to find your device in case your phone is misplaced somewhere nearby. So by the use of a ringtone which plays for 5 minutes, you can locate your phone.
  • Erase Device –  The final option which can be provided by all is to erase all the data on your lost or misplaced phone. Remember that you won’t be able to track it anymore once you have activated this feature.

Option 2: Find your Phone using Google Home/Google Assistance

On a less serious note, there are times when you misplace your phone somewhere in your house itself. Although there is nothing to be scared of as it will be somewhere nearby only but it is quite frustrating, especially when you are getting late for work. If you have a Google Home Speaker at your place, then you can take the help of Google Assistance to find your phone. 

So also note that there is a possibility that different family members accounts are to be connected to the Google Home Speaker. But there is absolutely nothing to be worried about as this comes in with multiple account feature which won’t create any problem during such situations. 

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