Famous Chat App pulled from Google Play Store in the middle of Spying Allegations

A few days ago, it was unveiled by the New York Times through an article that the ToTok, a popular chat app, was probably used as a spying tool by the UAE government in order to keep an eye on people all around the globe. The app does not go way too back and is claimed to track almost everything of its users.

The app was recently being capable of getting on the list of the most downloaded apps mostly in the US. The New York times has also claimed that the app has let UAE government get the details of every individual using the app from his/her conversations to movements, relationships, media files and so on.


NYT states, “ToTok is a cleverly designed tool for mass surveillance, according to the technical analysis and interviews, it functions much like the myriad other Apple and Android apps that track users’ location and contacts.”

After a lot of accusations, ToTok cofounders have stated a refusal of the accusations placed on them –

“… our distractors continue to spread misinformation and stir up the “spying” allegations, to vilify our work, to jeopardize our business, even to insult our users by mocking their enthusiastic appreciation of ToTok. Here is the fact – since day one, we have built ToTok with user security and privacy as our priority.”

ToTok also mentioned that a former NSA employee, whose details have not been shared, has performed a technical analysis which have brought upon the conclusion that nothin more than the basic job of the app. The hidden identitiy of the employee has itself given rise to a question mark on the so called analysis.

ToTok was developed by Breej Holding and even this has been alleged by NYT saying it to be a mask for the DarkMatter: an Abu Dhabi-based cyber intelligence and hacking firm. This firm stands on the shoulders of Emirati intelligence officials, former National Security Agency (NSA) employees, and former Israeli military intelligence operatives.

The App began to be more used when the UAE government blocked some features of other popular messaging apps like Skype and WhatsApp. This app was also being supported from Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone company.

The entire case is till being investigated by FBI and from then ToTok has been removed from both the stores – Google Play Store as well as Apple App store. Those who have downloaded this app already can use it still unless they uninstall it.

However, the cofounders of ToTok are still in the hope that their app will be reinstated by both Apple and Google App stores. What’s interesting is to see what comes next!

Stay tuned to know more on this!

Happy & a safe Androiding:-)

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