Facebook News will be available in the UK

Facebook has become one of the most visited and used websites in the world. Since its creation in 2004, this social network has evolved and added more features. One of the most recent updates is Facebook News. As the name says, a function dedicated to news. It has only been available in the US since 2020, but it will be launched for the UK in January, becoming the second market to enjoy this new function.

Facebook News will be available in the UK

About Facebook News

This section will only be dedicated to news, so users can also consume this type of information on Facebook. The company says they will pay editors for content that isn’t already on the platform since obtained data reflects that 95% of the traffic in Facebook News came from users that hadn’t read this news beforehand.

This new feature will exclusively be available on the mobile app through a dedicated tab, which will be accessible by tapping the tree-line icon for more options. In this section, users will have the opportunity to control the stories they see, explore a wider range of news topics, such as sports, science, health, politics, economics, entertainment, and more.

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Facebook is one of the favorite social networks on the web. For this reason, it is responsible for driving a lot of traffic on the internet. It has been proven that a story on Facebook is more attractive for readers than others that don’t. Hence, these deals benefit both sides – publishers and the company.

Several major publishers as Sky News, The Guardian Media Group, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, The Economist, and others have closed deals with Facebook and are already on board; it is expected more publishers to join the team after the launching. Facebook News was built with the objective to allow consumers to see stories on their feed, making captivating content that facilitates engagement to put journalism in front of new audiences.

Although it isn’t known how lucrative the deals between publishers and Facebook can be, this will be the first time they pay publishers for their work. They also said that this feature will provide them with new opportunities for advertising or subscription.


The news tab will have a bunch of daily news stories and personalized news decided by Facebook’s algorithm, depending on the reader’s interests and the kind of news they share or follow – eventually, the tab will show users a better reflection of their interests. Similarly, this can be customized by hiding publishers, articles, or subjects that do not match with the consumer interest.

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It isn’t the first time Facebook brings a concept like this, but this attempt has a key difference: users will also be able to see tidings in the News Feed. It has been reported that this version has a greater acceptance by the public because they find more high-quality tidings in the News Feed. For this reason, this social network is planning to expand this feature to other countries like Germany and France.

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