European Union could force OEMs to let users Uninstall Bloatware

European Union wants to force OEMs to let users Uninstall Bloatware. Bloatware and Smartphones are a never ending affair. And try replacing Smartphones with carrier phones, the amount of bloatware will blow your mind.

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For those who dont know, Bloatware are the preinstalled apps on smartphones that one cant delete or uninstall. The worst part of all is, they are mostly useless to you and might not even use some of them once. Deleting such apps is even more intricate for carrier devices.


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But nothing to worry about for the European residents. looks like EU has got a plan for you all. With its upcoming Digital Services Act, European Union wants to force OEMs/Smartphone Manufacturers to let users Uninstall Bloatware. This move is to check increasing authority of a few established technology platforms.

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Certainly this will make no difference to countries outside the European Union. But this will certainly have a great impact on Manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi Xiaomi stuff carrier devices with Bloatware.


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